BC Authorities Clarify Saying They Won’t Do Random Roadside Checks

This has happened on more than one occasion now where authorities in Canada have recently indicated that police would conduct COVID-19 related roadside checks, then that didn’t turn out to be the case. We saw it happen in Ontario recently and now in BC the same suggestion had been mentioned earlier this week.

But now after that consideration was mentioned by the premier, for travel restrictions in BC, the public safety minister has assured the public it won’t happen. They won’t be doing any random checks if people are worried about that now.

BC roadblocks and not random stops

Police will not be pulling over people on the roadways randomly and asking to justify their travel according to the public safety minister.

This clarification comes after the premier indicated that they might conduct those random audits, akin to roadblocks that we’ve seen before on the roadways, with further explanation that was expected on that by Friday this week.

They want to discourage people from traveling outside of their own communities and they are examining the use of periodic roadblocks in certain regions to curb travel that isn’t essential right now. They are also working with tourism companies and ferries etc to try and navigate bookings and travel that isn’t essential or is made from out-of-town guests etc.

The idea of police checking on whether or not someone was traveling for essential purposes prompted some to assume there would be COVID-19 related road checks coming soon, but it isn’t like to be what you might suspect. According to authorities, it won’t be drivers getting randomly pulled over just to be asked where you reside and whether or not your travels are essential.

Authorities have indicated that they won’t be looking to disrupt commuters and people who are going about their lives.

Later in the week more is expected to be said on those travel restrictions that are going to be put into place for several weeks. Those new restrictions and extension on past restrictions like that to indoor dining in BC etc, is expected to go on at least until the May long weekend.

One thing is certain and that is the confusion from the rules changing and the understanding of how one should follow them, what constitutes essential travel, and so on. Some even doubt, like the former solicitor general, whether or not those travel restrictions can even be efficiently enforced.

By Friday we should know more about what they are considering for those recent BC travel restrictions. Orders are expected to be issued at the end of the week under the B.C.’s Emergency Program Act.

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