Passion Fruit Limited Edition Spring Macarons

Right now from Coffeeholic cafe in Coquitlam you can find some limited edition spring macaron options and one of them is the passion fruit macaron pictured here.

I have written about Coffeeholic cafe before because it is one of my favorite places to get macarons and iced coffee from. This is a great cafe located right on the border of North Road so it’s close to Burnaby and is in Coquitlam. Right around the Lougheed Mall area down the street you can find the Coffeeholic cafe. They have a wide variety of delicious treats and great coffee, tea, and other drink options like smoothies.

They have some of the best macarons that I have tasted including flavors like the Strawberry Coconut Macaron, Honeycomb Lavender Macaron, and Pistachio Macaron. Now for spring there are some other limited edition flavors and of course I had to try out the Passion Fruit Macaron after I tried the Peanut Butter Pretzel macaron the other day.

Macarons in Coquitlam

If you want several macarons in a box then you can buy them in bulk quantity from Coffeeholic and save money this way while doing it too. Macarons make a great gift, with Mother’s Day coming up it’s the perfect occasion to stop in and get some to gift to others. These macarons are always fresh and taste great. There are also a variety of flavors so you are sure to find something you’ll want to try there. It also pairs perfectly with the drinks, I usually go with the iced coffee or blended coffee drink.

This was the first time trying passion fruit macaron and it was probably one of my favorite flavors that I have tried from Coffeeholic now for their macarons. Usually I like to get the pistachio macaron or something with berries, like strawberry and coconut, or the creamsicle one, but this passion fruit was just YUM! Perfect for spring, tasted light and sweet.

The Perfect Spring Macaron: Passion Fruit

Coffeeholic is easy to order from when you want delivery which makes getting macarons in Coquitlam easier than ever. You can also stop in and do some pick-up as well because dining options are limited right now in B.C. When things go back to normal though this is a great spot to come and chill and enjoy some good coffee with fresh treats.

Looking for sweets in Coquitlam? At Coffeeholic you will also find delicious loafs, cheesecake, other types of cake, macarons, and other treat options to choose from. These sweet treats pair perfectly with the coffee and tea menu they’ve got, along with other good drinks like the fruit smoothies they offer. If you are in the area then stop in and try some of their delicious macarons, hopefully you will get there in time while they’ve still got some of their spring limited edition macarons available.

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  1. I’m not a huge fan of macarons but I AM a huge fan of anything passion-fruity and would make the trip out to Coquitlam just for these. I can’t make it this spring (for one thing, we’re in another lockdown) but when I’m living and moving about in my tiny-home-on-wheels I will definitely have to check out this cafe! Thanks for sharing!


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