Can We Expect Regular Music Festivals in Canada Coming Back in 2022?

Last year when COVID-19 hit we saw that live music events around the world were cancelled and postponed. Many expected that this year it would be a lot different but in Canada it might still be awhile.

Cruise ships have been banned until 2022, Ontario, Quebec, and B.C., are all trying to deal with rising cases and introducing one restriction or another to daily life. This might look like curfews being announced, retail stores being closed, restaurants closed for indoor dining, and maybe even soon some travel restrictions coming.

Big events this year people were looking forward to were things like music festivals and it is looking like some are again going to have to either go virtual or plan to come back next year when things are looking a little better.

Canada is behind on their vaccine schedule right now and are trying to aggressively deploy vaccines around the country to those who want them. In areas like Whistler we’ve seen sudden vaccine campaigns launch and within weeks they look to cover the majority of the area so that they can get control of the variant cases there.

There are already a variety of festivals that are being postponed until 2022

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Music Festivals in Canada 2021

Some festivals have already been cancelled, like the RBC Bluesfest in Ottawa, or the Country Thunder festivals.

Some concerts have also been postponed until next year as well, like the Rage Against the Machine Reunion Tour. Things have been getting worse as far as cases rising there and hospitals being overwhelmed and so they were running out of time to make the call.

They wanted to try and find a way to put on an event this year but they couldn’t see a way to do it so they’ve postponed until hopefully things are looking better next year. The prevalence rate of vaccinations in Canada should be much higher by next year, with hundreds of thousands of new people getting their dose every day. Canada is a bit behind right now when compared to other countries like the U.S., but officials are working to get a hold of things so that they can get through the 3rd wave and toward a new normal.

Right here in B.C. we have just heard that the Shambhala Music Festival has also been postponed now until next year in 2022.

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A recent poll showed that about 38 per cent of Canadians do not think they will see that new normal now until 2022.

And they might be right, because it sure doesn’t look like that new normal is going to be here by summer this year. We were told that we might see a new normal but things took a bit of a turn with cases rising, especially with variants and younger people being admitted to hospitals.

Now hospitals in one region or another are worried and warning about the potential for being overwhelmed. Rather than expecting things to open up more, many are anticipating another lock down.

About 28 per cent say they expect things to get more normal by winter this year for Canadians. For many Canadian workers they are expecting next year to be much more ‘normal’. But some reports suggest it might be a bit longer than that considering current vaccination rates. Canada has been a bit behind on that front and so far there are only about 9.5 million who have been vaccinated.

Over 9.5 Million Canadians Vaccinated So Far

Other countries like the U.S. are facing 24+ per cent vaccination rates, and the U.K. at over 13 per cent, but Canada is less than 3 per cent who have been fully vaccinated. As for those who have received their first dose it is around 19 per cent of Canadians. Many more expect that 2nd dose to come sometime in the summer months. With those vaccines still rolling out slowly and recent announcements to things like indoor dining and other activities, it’s no wonder that many see this lasting quite some time still.

There is no idea of when the border will open between the U.S. and Canada, there isn’t even a clear plan of what the road looks like to get there. International travel for non-essential purposes is still banned right now and health officials want individuals to stay in their own communities right now, to avoid non-essential travel when possible.

The warnings to avoid social gatherings is proving hard for many to follow these days, with spring here and summer approaching, the weather is getting much nicer out and people want to go to the beach, see festivals, get out and do things. We are still having to do it in a distanced and safe manner though and the more that people are seen ignoring those warnings and public health orders, and the more cases rise, we can expect a lock down might follow.

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

B.C. officials previously anticipated that we would see that new normal this year and there are still a number of big events and festivals that are going on as planned, despite the current pandemic. It’s a possibility that not all music festivals are going to be cancelled this summer, some might be able to navigate a solution.

If anything it might mean that we have to see more events going virtual this year if they are still going to go on as planned. One of those upcoming music festivals in B.C. that has gone virtual is the Canuck Country Rocks benefit concert on Thursday, April 29, from 7pm to 830pm with a variety of artists who are expected to perform.

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  1. It is appalling, isn’t it? At the start of the virus here in UK the politicians were telling us to look forward to things being fine by summer this year. As usual they lied. Quite honestly, I wouldn’t hold my breath for 2022. I cannot see things getting fully back to pre-2020 normality in my lifetime, if ever.

    I detest this term “new normality” as it is anything but normal. It is an unprecedentedly abnormal set of circumstances. Why don’t they call it what it is like the new reality, suck it up?

    Sorry to sound so negative but everything I predicted about this virus has thus far been proved correct.


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