COVID-19 Spike Could Push Cases to 2k Per Day or More and Overwhelm Hospitals in B.C.

According to the B.C. COVID-19 Modelling Group it is suggested that BC hospitals could be overwhelmed if there is a spike in more cases.

Hospitalizations are reaching record highs and officials haven’t shut the door on the idea of further restrictions in B.C., such as travel restrictions and more. We were expecting a new normal by summer but it looks like things could take a turn in another direction with the way things have been going.

Visits to the hospitals are now mainly being driven by those who are between the ages of 40 to 79 years old. The variants are also representing a higher amount of cases and they’re trying to get control of the situation so that things don’t get worse.

Other places in Canada are facing an arguably more restrictive lock down right now because of their own COVID-19 cases, but the situation in B.C. is unique and our current status is different.

Indoor dining has been restricted and those restrictions have also been recently extended, and nobody knows when they might be lifted. Things could last for several weeks if they continue to see a rise in cases and hospital centers are overwhelmed.

Whistler Blackcomb closed for the remainder of the season and there has been a serious issue of rising COVID-19 cases in the Whistler, B.C. region. To deal with that they’ve recently launched a massive vaccination campaign in Whistler and they expect to have that completed within a couple of days from now on April 18th 2021.

So far there are hundreds of thousands of B.C. residents who have been vaccinated and many more who are waiting for the chance to register and gain access.

Clinics in B.C. are ready to give out vaccines but they have been very ‘close to the wire’ in trying to balance that demand for the vaccines with the delivery schedule and distribution to local clinics. They previously faced a shortage earlier in the year that set them back and they are trying to get those vaccines out as fast as possible to people who want them right now.

There are millions of Canadians who have already received their 1st dose and thousands who have received their 2nd.

If cases continue to rise in B.C. though with them seeing 2000 or 3000 cases per day then that could easily overwhelm the system and to try and battle that rise in cases we can all expect that more extensions and restrictions might be coming. We aren’t out of the 3rd wave yet and some are eager to see it locked down until we are, while others are feeling the pain already of the back-and-forth.

There are still many in BC and around Canada who are waiting for their vaccinations, including first responders and others. In Canada almost 9 million Canadians will receive their vaccination soon, the current number is around 8.2 million who have gotten that 1st dose and hundreds of thousands more are being added each day. While there are millions who are eager to access and get their vaccines though, data shows that about 12 percent of Canadians or more aren’t open to getting one. That makes about 9 in 10 who are open to getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

How long for all Canadians to be vaccinated who want one?

Trudeau has previously announced that every Canadian will be able to get a vaccine for themselves by September of this year.

For now their vaccine rollout is still facing uncertainties and delays and some criticize that they’ve been moving too slowly. We have seen them rush to ramp things up recently though in places like Whistler.

Overall it’s estimated that only 2 percent of the country has been vaccinated so far and we are falling behind when compared to the vaccine rollout approach that other nations have taken. When looking at areas like the U.S. we can see that they have a higher prevalence of vaccination rates right now in their populations than Canada and much of the problem has been blamed on a lack of supply.

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