Getting Ready for Playland 2021

The Pacific National Exhibit attracts many visitors each year to the amusement park, offering fun for guests of all ages.

COVID-19 made things change obviously and we saw the park operate for some time with limited attractions despite the pandemic still going on, but what about this year? Can we expect to see Playland at the PNE go on as usual? For right now they look to be hiring for the 2021 Playland season at the PNE.

They are looking for ride operators, clean keepers, and other positions, right now to be filled for the upcoming 2021 season. They are looking to hire over 200 people for their team to help make this season a possibility.

Playland was expecting to reopen in May 2021 but who knows if that might change if there is some dramatic rise in cases.

B.C. is going through a 3rd wave and so officials might feel it necessary to bring about more restrictions, they haven’t ruled out B.C. travel restrictions either.

Right now, in B.C. people are also still encouraged to stay in their own communities and not travel outside of their immediate area. With this restriction it drastically decreases the potential guests that might visit Playland or the PNE this year as well. But if things turn around and cases decline, we could see that ‘new normal’ they talked about by summer.

Recently the PNE have also been providing staff that are helping to assist in the mass vaccination clinics that are going on around the Vancouver region. They are also holding some virtual events that are coming up like the Blue Rodeo concert on April 30th 2021.

Rides at Playland 2021

You might expect to see some limited rides at Playland in Vancouver like the Choppers, Flutterbye, Merry-Go-Round, Rock’n’Cars’, Scrambler, and Tea Cups, among others. There will also be Hell’s Gate, the Pirate Ship, Music Express, Wooden Roller Coaster, and more.

If you are hungry you will be able to grab some food from one of the vendors like Triple O’s, but you will need to remember to bring cashless options.

They are going to be operating with limited capacity and tickets will need to be purchased in advance for a certain time and entry. Cash is not going to be accepted so it’s important to remember that you will need to engage in those cashless transactions at the park if you want to buy something.

Masks are also going to be required for the guests even when they are on rides and waiting in line.

Photo by Scott Webb on Pexels.com

They are going to be monitoring the situation with guidance from Vancouver Coastal Health and if there is a need to change that opening plan and close things down more then that is what we will see take place, if those changes are necessary.

Anyone interested in applying for a position with Playland at the PNE can look online for those available positions. There are only a few weeks left until the opening if they are going to go ahead with it as planned.

Many in the region will be happy to be able to get out and do something fun, even if it means limited groups and staying only with their own household groups.

Playland at PNE is a family-friendly atmosphere and theme park that has been operating for decades and usually operates between May to September.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

On average they will see hundreds of thousands of visitors during the season and they’ve got dozens of different attractions in the park.

B.C. is facing record high hospitalizations because of COVID-19 and variants, so things could change in an instant like we saw last year when many businesses and activities came to a halt.

If that is what officials feel needs to be done to help hospital overflow and keep communities safe then they will, and we’ve already been warned that a further lock down is a possibility at this point.

The indoor dining ban has been extended, vaccination campaigns ramped up, and mixed feelings about when that new normal might finally arrive now.

We saw that Playland at the PNE did operate last year however with limited capacity and other COVID-19 related changes, we could still expect the same this year that they might go on despite current restrictions on indoor dining and other activities.

Photo by Marco Fischer on Pexels.com

Last year Playland at PNE in Vancouver had opened with limited time slots available and just like in other venues around Vancouver right now you need to book your ticket ahead of time instead of just showing up.

Capacity is going to be strictly limited and those tickets are required in advance so you know what time you are supposed to be there. Last year we also saw that they had a limited number of food options, but still the usual favorites like Triple O’s and Fundunker cotton candy and mini donuts.

Those who are going to the park are also required to maintain social distancing and of course remember to keep their masks on, to sanitize their hands as well before and after rides. Plexiglass shields have also been installed around the park since COVID-19.

They have worked hard to put protocols in place that are going to allow them to operate while also helping to keep guests safe while they are there.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

There is plenty of parking around Playland at PNE if you are planning to visit Playland 2021 and considering the limited capacity requirements for the park this season you are not likely to face the usual parking crisis that you would if the park were at full capacity.

It can also be a lot easier just to take public transportation there as well, with many bus stops in the area that are nearby. If all goes as planned we should expect Playland be opening their doors for the 2021 season sometime in the next few weeks.

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