B.C. May Go Into Further Lockdown to Deal With Rising Cases

Recent changes have been announced in B.C. to try and deal with the rising variant COVID-19 cases and 3rd wave that the province is going through. Hospitals are seeing rising cases and as a result things like indoor dining and other daily life activities have been restricted.

Travel restrictions for B.C. are also not out of the question, and officials have indicated that they aren’t certain when this all might change.

Those restrictions could be extended for weeks, it isn’t clear when that might be lifted. It will depend on the cases that they are seeing and whether or not the hospitalizations continue to rise or decline, they’ve indicated.

Right now there are many restaurants who are struggling, especially those who do not have any patio space that can still serve with outdoor dining spaces. There are some small businesses that were not expecting it to go this direction, even though officials have indicated that they should’ve been aware this was a potential possibility. If things got worse we were told that we could go into a lock down again, and in other regions of the country we’re seeing more of a lock down there than we are right here now.

For B.C. we are still lucky that we do have less restrictions for now on daily life for now but that could change because cases have been climbing.

Officials could be ready to extend those restrictions for weeks or months if they need to, in order to deal with the situation and see a decline in cases. This could be a very different summer from one that they talked about just weeks ago, where we were told that we might see a ‘new normal’ approach within a few months from now.

Record High COVID-19 Hospitalizations in B.C.

Right now they say that the cases are still too far above where they need to be. They want B.C. to get out of this danger zone with hospitalizations in the region facing the issue of becoming overwhelmed. Who knows what other restrictions they might have that they are going to announce to try and deal with this issue.

For many small businesses that have already made it through up until now there isn’t much more pain that they can take, they need to see community support if they are going to make it. It’s more important than ever to support small businesses and local businesses in our communities if we want to see them survive.

Since COVID-19 hit last year there have been many businesses that have quickly adapted to going online, serving customers in new ways, establishing new patio spaces, adapting to survive. They’ve had to get creative, they have had to be resilient through this pandemic.

Restaurants around the B.C. region are still open for outdoor patio dining, though you’re supposed to only be with people from your immediate household and not gathering with others.

As well, restaurants are also open for take-out and delivery too is also allowed. These are still ways that you can support small restaurant businesses in your area, even though they might not be open for indoor dining right now. Those in B.C. are also encouraged to stay in their communities right now, don’t go traveling to other regions to try and help stop the spread of the virus.

While we thought there might be a new normal approaching by summer, it could look more like last year if things go in the opposite direction with more of a lock down in B.C. They have been ramping up vaccination campaigns in the region and across the country, with over 6 million Canadians who have been vaccinated so far and hundreds thousands more are getting theirs each day.

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