New Travel Restrictions Might be Coming to B.C.

There is a possibility for more travel restrictions to come to B.C., according to Premier Horgan who recently stated that British Columbians should consider this a possibility.

International travel is still restricted for non-essential travel purposes.

Cruise ships have been prohibited until next year and those coming into Canada are being required to quarantine in hotels for a certain amount of time too, causing a great deal of frustration with some travelers.

The border with the U.S. and Canada has been closed for more than a year now.

There isn’t any clear sign of when that might reopen and now there could be more restrictions set by summer in B.C. Other regions of Canada are already facing harsher lock down rules than B.C. is for now, but that might change with B.C. implementing more.

Recently, officials did announce changes to indoor dining and other activities and if cases continue rising and there is that concern then we can expect more announcements for daily life restrictions in the weeks and months to come.

Along with those changes in daily activities though they are also ramping up their vaccine campaigns around the province and country.

How many Canadians have been vaccinated so far?

More than 6 million Canadians have already been vaccinated

There are hundreds of thousands of Canadians getting their vaccine each day, but still many are set against it and have indicated that they aren’t going to be open to getting one.

In B.C. hundreds of thousands have already gotten their first dose for their COVID-19 vaccine and Whistler just launched a massive vaccination campaign there to deal with the Brazil COVID-19 variant they’ve been facing recently.

B.C. residents have been urged to stay in their own communities right now.

B.C. officials have suggested that for those who live in North Vancouver for example, that they shouldn’t be looking to travel to Langley, or those in the lower mainland shouldn’t be heading off to Vancouver Island right not etc.

These sorts of vacations and trips are not essential they warn and they want people to stay home as much as they can to stop the spread.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Hospitals are having a hard time with a rise in cases and need to get it under control, officials are doing what they can to help in that regard.

People in B.C. have been asked to stay in their own immediate neighborhoods for now, to stay close to home.

Tourism hot spots around the province have been seeing a rise in out-of-town guests, despite the 3rd wave and rise in cases, and those recent lock down restrictions that were announce. The government has issued multiple warnings but there might be many who aren’t listening to the non-essential travel guidelines still.

But while some are defying those orders, others are taking it a bit further in the opposite direction, with some restaurants even closing voluntarily because people wont follow guidelines.

Those coming in from international destinations like Brazil are reportedly going to be facing enhanced screening measures. Who knows when new travel restrictions might be announced for B.C. and how far they might be looking to lock things down.

There are several variants that are causing concern and they want to get control of it so that the issue doesn’t spread. Travel restrictions for those in B.C. are not off the board for consideration with officials right now and people should keep that in mind when looking to make travel plans in the coming weeks or months.

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