The Perfect Restaurant to Stay Keto in Coquitlam

There are a number of different restaurants that can help you to stay keto or low carb if you are looking for some good lunch or dinner. There are a lot of breakfast options too, and more cafes offering sugar-free cappuccinos and iced coffee combinations or keto mocha drinks.

Whether you want to dine-in, take away, or get delivery, the keto options are growing and one restaurant that is worth trying for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, is Ricky’s All Day Grill on Lougheed Highway in Coquitlam.

Ricky’s All Day Grill has The Ultimate Chaffle

The Ultimate Chaffle is the perfect brunch or lunch, it could even be a great dinner too. This tastes like nachos because of the salsa and sour cream that comes with it, along with the guacamole too.

The keto chaffles are made with cheese, green onions, and bacon, and you can taste bacon in every single bite. The Ricky’s Ultimate Chaffle is a high protein option that is gluten-free and made with eggs, maple bacon, and three different cheeses. You also get the green onion in there too.

Green Onion + 3 Cheese + Bacon + Eggs

The Ultimate Chaffle gets served with tomato slices and you can add on an extra side of bacon, sausages, eggs, or other sides. This makes it the perfect option for ordering to stay keto or low carb and you can customize it however you want it. This is not the only keto option on the menu either, they also have The Basic Chaffle for a keto meal too.

The Basic Chaffle from Ricky’s in Coquitlam offers a gluten-free high protein waffle option, or chaffle, that is made using three cheeses again and eggs, without the bacon or green onion. That gets served again with tomatoes. You can also customize this meal option and add on some extra eggs, bacon, sausages, ham, toast, hasbrowns, and more.

A Restaurant with Keto options in Coquitlam

This is the perfect keto restaurant in Coquitlam if you are looking to stay keto for breakfast or lunch, order one of these chaffle options because they taste great.

The Ultimate Chaffle from Ricky’s tasted like nachos, once you eat a bite with the salsa and sour cream, the combinations just go together great.

If you are a fan of bacon, eggs, and love nachos, you will probably love this dish. It can be hard to find restaurants in the area that allow you to stay low carb and Ricky’s is definitely one of them. Ricky’s is also a great option because it is easy to order from for delivery.

Order Keto in Coquitlam from Ricky’s

The Ultimate Chaffle

The Basic Chaffle

These are the two keto options on the menu right now, aside from something like a low carb salad or soup etc, an omelette or some eggs and bacon etc. Try it out if you want some keto menu item because the chaffle is delicious.

The best part about it is the ease and convenience that it offers when you need something fast for breakfast or lunch. When you want to order delivery and still stay keto this ultimate chaffle and basic chaffle from Ricky’s are great options to go with.

There are several Ricky’s restaurant locations, like that on Boundary Road in Burnaby, the Coquitlam one on Lougheed, as well as the Surrey location too. There are multiple choices, so if you are looking for keto delivery in those areas then Ricky’s should count because you can get those keto chaffles through the third party delivery app.

Looking for keto delivery in Burnaby? Keto delivery in Surrey? Keto Delivery in Coquitlam?

Then look on your food delivery app and see if you can find Ricky’s restaurant and if you can then look up the keto chaffle, both the ultimate and the basic chaffle.

These are two great keto options when you want to find a keto breakfast in Coquitlam or keto lunch in Coquitlam. These choices can help you to stay keto and are great for a delivery option.

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