More Shared Food Hub Kitchen Spaces Coming to B.C.

Another food hub kitchen space just opened in the Cariboo region, Sprout Kitchen Food Hub, that offers a shared kitchen operation. Located in Quesnel, B.C., the space allows small businesses to be able to rent certain storage facilities or food processing areas so that they can grow their business.

These collective kitchen spaces have also provided access to resources that can help those small businesses navigate the business process, connecting with others in the industry for example.

This new one has been funded by the provincial government, the city, and others, and joins with the province’s network of growing food hubs like this around the region. There are already various food hub spaces that you can access in Vancouver and other areas.

These food hub spaces in Vancouver and other regions act as a sort of incubator for those small businesses that might need help with finding the right space to work or learning more to try and grow their business.

Some small businesses cannot afford to spend that initial investment of thousands of dollars on getting a commercial kitchen space for example, and instead there is the cheaper option of renting a space from one of these sorts of food hubs. It’s a much more cost effective option for business owners in the region.

If you were to look into starting your own commercial kitchen operation in order to satisfy the requirements to sell certain food products in the regional market, that could cost tens of thousands of dollars. Not every small business can afford that, most of them can’t, they need another option.

These food hubs allow those businesses to rent a space instead, for $45/hour in some cases, and that is a much cheaper option for them.

These commissary kitchen spaces are a solution to the problem businesses have faced with being unable to meet those costly requirements for their business, in struggling to afford the right tools and kitchen space to get it off the ground or to grow bigger.

These kitchen spaces have not only provided a cheaper rental option but they also provide a space for networking and learning more about business in general, enabling people to access resources that could provide great value for their business.

You never know who you might meet or what you might learn, who you might be able to eventually network with by accessing these kitchen spaces. There are many reasons that these memberships are valuable and why these are growing around the province, gaining popularity with many small businesses.

Photo by Larissa Deruzzi on Pexels.com

The food hubs around the province are helping small businesses and also local food producers too. From accessing different workshops and training, learning about different distribution networks too, and about local products in the region, these food hubs are providing a great benefit to their communities.

They can help businesses to be able to get the necessary tools and space required to scale up and get to that next level of business.

There are different food hub collaborative efforts to find that are already in different areas around the province. These collective kitchen spaces are offering things like convenient scheduling, office spaces, teaching areas, kitchen supplies, flexibility, a collaborative work environment, and more.

You can also book tours to explore them as well if you want to know more about what is offered and what the space looks like etc, a great way to know more about the process. There are several locations already in Vancouver if you are looking for commissary kitchens in BC.

The shared kitchen spaces in Vancouver could be said to be the future of food business, especially for small businesses. Aside from offering supplies and other services, there is also the potential to access things like pop up retail spaces for those who might be looking to test if they are ready to go retail or operate their own cafe or store front.

The shared kitchen spaces in Vancouver and other areas of BC are transforming this industry for businesses around the province.

This concept is one that is helping by saving those businesses a lot of money with these solutions, giving access to tools they otherwise wouldn’t have had without those valuable services and resources provided in this shared way.

Food processing and shared kitchen spaces like this are bringing new opportunities to people in the lower mainland and around B.C. Those who process local food and beverage products for example can now access shared kitchen spaces in B.C. through these food hubs.

This business concept is one that helps those businesses to further develop, gaining access to tools that can help them to succeed. We can expect this trend to continue to grow with many more of these shared kitchen spaces opening up around Vancouver and the B.C. region. Some of these operations, like Coho Collective, have been seeing booming business during the pandemic.

These shared food hub networks seem to be going along with the same growing trend of ghost kitchens or cloud kitchens that we have already seen gaining popularity in the U.S.

Those ghost kitchens give small food businesses a way to access a cost effective restaurant area where they can prep food and get it out via third party delivery apps.

Finding a Kitchen Space For Your Business

The shared kitchen space concept is a great idea that provides small businesses a chance to just rent what they are going to use, giving that cost effective start-up solution.

For those that are looking to scale too, they can access shared kitchen spaces rather than seeking to start-up their own very costly production facility that requires all of the necessary equipment.

There is so much more that you are getting from these spaces other than just the floor space or the equipment too, some of the networking and other value that you might reap from the experience could be priceless.

These shared kitchen space concepts are growing not only in the B.C. region but around the world, in places like the U.S. or as far away as South Korea we can see that this is a popular concept.

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