Massive Vaccination Campaign Launched in Whistler

Earlier this year Whislter announced that they were going to close because of the rising COVID-19 cases that they were seeing. At first we thought it might be temporary but then it became effective for the remainder of the season. Now Whistler is going to be closed up until May 21st 2021.

They’ve had hundreds of cases in Whistler and as a result they’ve had to shut down and call for help to deal with the problem. Whislter has closed and is confirmed as one of the largest clusters of the Brazil COVID variant that has been observed outside of Brazil. Many of those cases have also been linked to the sky resort Whistler Blackcomb and now they’ve been shut down by officials.

Whistler Blackcomb ski resort is going to be closed for several weeks now and they’ve just launched a massive vaccination campaign in the region.

A massive vaccination campaign has been started in B.C. Whistler region to try and address the problem with rising cases there. The Whistler authorities have called for federal and provincial help on this one, with the Whistler Mayor asking for a community wide vaccination program to be launched to try and offer some solution to this.

The Whistler economy is truly going to be devastated by this, many jobs are at risk and small businesses in the region. They rely highly on the tourism that comes to the area, especially those coming for skiing and snowboarding etc. Now that everything is closed more than before, that is going to have a significant impact on things in the area. They want to see the community get vaccinated so that they can try to move forward and get stronger, there is also plenty of concern for essential first responders in the region too.

Millions visit Whistler, B.C. each year

Whistler has asked for the province’s help and that from the federal government too and now they are going to be launching off that massive vaccination campaign. Already more than 6 million people in Canada have been vaccinated, with hundreds of thousands more getting vaccinated each day.

Still, we have seen rising cases in certain provinces and that has meant a more severe lockdown this spring for some. Right now there are some who are undergoing curfews and other severe economic restrictions, with many retailers and other services that are shut down. It isn’t clear how bad things might get here in B.C. yet, if we might see more of a lockdown to try and deal with that 3rd wave and rising number of cases. So far we haven’t implemented the same sort of restrictions like we have seen in Quebec or Ontario recently.

Whistler has been a COVID-19 hot spot and now everyone over 18 years of age is going to be eligible to get that vaccination as a part of the recent vaccination campaign that they have got going on right now.

They’ve got a community with roughly 10k people living there and there are many in the region who are eager to get that access to their vaccine if they can. The BC government has already started offering those vaccinations now for all adults in Whistler and this is a big change that is seeking to rapidly bring some solution to the problem they have been facing lately.

Along the way Whistler has been criticized for staying open during the pandemic and at the end of March they were asked to close because of the outbreaks that were seen there.

The closure has been significant already to the community in Whistler, they heavily rely on that tourism and they aren’t going to do well without it.

The community there and the Whistler economy need those millions of guests coming across the year to support the hotels, shops, cafes, and other businesses in the Whistler region. There are many locals who visit as well but it is internationally known as a tourist hot spot as well.

There are some who are looking at this mass vaccination campaign starting in B.C. as well and also hoping that similar campaigns can soon be deployed across Canada. B.C. has been seeing rising variant cases, especially with younger people being admitted to the hospital, and they’ve introduced more restrictions to try and deal with it.

That has meant changes to indoor dining and other activities, we are still encouraged to avoid non-essential travel and to stick with the same faces and big spaces as they put it. Trying to avoid engaging with people who aren’t in your immediate household and to avoid going places and doing things that wouldn’t be regarded as essential, like making a vacation trip to Whistler to ski for the weekend.

Now, BC might be looking to bump up the eligible age groups who can get the vaccine and also exploring the option to target specific neighborhoods for COVID-19 vaccinations as well. Soon, in B.C. people 50 and older will be eligible starting Wednesday this week to get their vaccines and they can already register for it. For those who are 40 and over the registration for them is going to be open on Friday this week.

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