Many Canadians Prefer Remote Work But It Might Have These Unintended Consequences

Some Canadians who are working from home now are experiencing emotional burnout and they have been having a hard time with it. For others though they are thriving and truly enjoying the experience.

Working from home is not the best situation that will work for everyone but there are millions who would prefer it.

Recent surveys indicate that three quarters of workers want that option to be able to work from home.

They want to continue working from home even after the pandemic, and if their job requires them to come back then some are going to consider leaving for good.

That might mean making a career change altogether if they are going to look for something where they can work from home only, and aren’t interested in going into the office. It might become harder and harder for employers to attract people back into the office.

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Though some are struggling do not enjoy the experience, for others they are doing better and say they are just as productive working from home than they are when they are working at the office. And now employers also need to come up with efficient ways to keep an eye on their workers too, to be able to monitor that efficiency and make sure they are staying on task. Working from home doesn’t mean they won’t be observed or are going to be slacking any.

Working from home and its impact on Canadian inequality

One survey shows that the working from home transition might only widen inequality though, with certain industries seeing the benefits more than others. There might be more challenges for those like young parents or young workers, and those in certain job spaces too.

Remote work for example has been much more common with clerical workers and executives, professionals, and less likely for those who are working in transportation, trades, services, and sales.

3 out of 5 people say working from home is easier than they anticipated it was going to be. There are still many who are struggling with it though and who cannot wait to get back into the office like they used to. But for others they are enjoying the at home work transition so much that they want it to continue.

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Those who have been working from home report feeling burned out, they feel physical discomfort, they have difficulty striking that balance between work and home life, and for many companies this might be how they go about operations now.

If Canadian workers are going to have any say about it, many of them have made it clear that they want to work from home.

They might be enjoying the transition of working from home in Canada right now but they also need more balance between their home life and that work life.

Many who are working from home are struggling because they do not have good techniques yet that enable them to deal with that new life of working from home.

They are having an issue with trying to find a healthy balance between the two. Without a balance it can easily start to feel like you never leave work and you’re just working or worried about work all day long.

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Not only do Canadian workers want to work from home but they also expect that this is going to be the case at least for the foreseeable future.

While working from home completely isn’t what everyone wants, as some other surveys show that about 45 percent of Canadians might prefer a portion of the work week done at home and many also want flexible work hours rather than the solid 8 hours straight.

If they are working from home then why can’t they break up that time into chunks and still get the same work done? It’s going to be something that companies will need to sort out and adapt to as they make that transition which might be permanent for some and their workers.

The pandemic has made more Canadian workers realize they want that work flexibility, they want to decide when and how they work. For some that might mean not going back to their position if they are forced back into the office.

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For right now there are still many companies that are having their workers work from home in Canada.

This could change over the coming weeks and months, with more being asked to come in at least temporarily to the office for a few days during the work week and then doing the rest of the time at home. But so long as COVID-19 cases stay high and hospitals are overcrowded then they aren’t going to make that move.

It’s believed that as many as 40 percent of Canadian employees started working from home when the pandemic hit but that might change significantly as several Canadian employers don’t want to continue with that way of doing things. Then there are others who think their teams are more productive in this environment.

It isn’t clear what direction it might go, so we are surely to see a mix of both and not a solid majority trend of businesses adopting that work from home model. There are already some who have returned to their offices since the beginning of the pandemic and likely many more to come maybe this year.

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