Exploring Top Sites Around Vancouver in Canada

Vancouver has thousands of different restaurants that you can find all around the lower mainland. There are restaurants that offer seafood, great desserts, brunch spots, ramen places, bobba shops, Greek food, Chinese food, just about everything that you could imagine or want you can find in Vancouver in Canada.

There are other Vancouver regions in the world, so sometimes Vancouver in Canada might get mistaken for Vancouver in Washington for example. When coming to Vancouver in Canada most people will come to the YVR airport and then make their way to the downtown region.

How Do You Get To Downtown Vancouver?

There are many ways to get to downtown Vancouver and one of the cheapest and best ways is just to take the skytrain that is nearby. The stop is located right at the airport and you can get to a number of places around the city.

That isn’t your only option though because you could also take a taxi or other transportation method that you might want to organized ahead of time. When taking a taxi or another transportation method from YVR to the downtown region, or taking the train, it shouldn’t take longer than 40 minutes depending on what time of day you come.

If you are coming in the middle of a big celebration where traffic has drastically increased for example, then you might have a longer route, but right now tourism has still drastically diminished in the Vancouver region in BC.

A Visit to Stanley Park

If you are in Vancouver then one of the most popular places to visit is Stanley Park. This is a beautiful park that has stunning scenery of the Vancouver region to explore. Many shops are nearby as well if you are looking for some breakfast or a coffee.

There are many people who rent bikes or other equipment and will often be seen traveling along the wall in Stanley Park. Right now you probably won’t find many people walking around of course because of COVID-19 and the decrease in tourism in Vancouver.

Stanley Park is easy to get to because there are skytrain stations nearby, the Waterfront Station isn’t that far away. There are also many great restaurants that are located near Waterfront Station in downtown Vancouver.

This makes it a very easy choice to go with when looking for a station that is close to downtown and allows you to get to Stanley Park easily. You could pay for parking and find parking in Stanley Park itself but that tends to fill up quickly when the weather gets nicer out.

If you do not want to worry about parking then taking the train is the best way to get there.

Taking the skytrain is the fastest, cheapest, and most convenient way to get around town in many cases. But there are other transportation methods available and it won’t take long to grab a taxi and get into downtown if that’s what you prefer.

Where to go shopping in Vancouver

Are you looking to do some shopping in town? There are many different places that you might want to go. What is the best place to go shopping in downtown Vancouver? That my friend would be CF Pacific Centre in downtown. The CF Pacific Centre is one of the top shopping destinations in the region. Here you will find many name brand and familiar store faces. There is just about anything you could think of needing here, you will likely be able to find it.

Stores you can find here include Abercrombie & Fitch, Banana Republic, Canada Goose, Fido, Ecco, Holt Renfrew, La Vie en Rose, Nordstrom, Roots, The Body Shop, Soft Moc, Coach, The Disney Store, Apple, Aritzia, and other retailers.

You can find many places to eat as well if you get hungry in-between shopping or want to take something to go with you when you’re leaving. Right now shopping might be limited because of COVID-19 though so you will want to check online with what current restrictions or hours those retailers might be operating with before heading in.

Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver

Queen Elizabeth Park is another popular destination in Vancouver that has a beautiful 130 acre park to explore that is on top of a tiny mountain. This is located on 4600 Cambie St, Vancouver BC, and is one of the most beautiful park regions in the area.

If you want to take your family or friends somewhere beautiful in the city then take them here. You will often seen grads or wedding groups going here to take photos because of the stunning background it provides. Queen Elizabeth Park offers the Bloedel Conservatory to explore too, the duck pond, and many other parks and things to see nearby.

How do you get to Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver?

One of the best ways to get to Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver is to go down Ontario St because this is going to lead you right past the park. The park is located between Ontario St and Cambie St, around E 33rd ave in Vancouver.

Getting to Queen Elizabeth Park from YVR
If you are coming from YVR you could take Marine Drive to Main St, turn left on Main St and go all the way up to E 37th and turn left, after that Ontario St won’t be far. From there you can decide which side of the park you might want to park near. There is some limited parking there that you can pay for but it can fill up quickly when the weather gets nice.

At Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver you will see the Little Mountain Putting Disc Golf Course as well as the Queen Elizabeth Park Celebration Pavilion and a beautiful view of Vancouver. The EQ Park Reservoir parking lot is the best way to get as close to that beautiful space as possible because it brings you right up to the park. But there isn’t unlimited parking there and so you might find yourself parking in other nearby places.

This is one place that you can find around Vancouver in Canada that is truly a beautiful and stunning park to explore. The park doesn’t cost any money to visit itself, though some thing inside of the park like the conservatory do cost if you want to explore inside. Inside that conservatory they also sell products that are great for tourists and taking home to friends and family to show them something beautiful you found while on vacation in Vancouver, BC.

Photo by Oliver King on Pexels.com

A Visit to Granville Island in Vancouver

Granville Island is a beautiful destination to explore in Vancouver. You can find some amazing seafood here and fantastic restaurants. When you come during the spring or summer then the weather might be perfect to walk around by the water and see the beautiful sights of Vancouver and the surrounding area. Many people come to explore Granville Island for the history and the beauty that you can find here.

Some stores selling right now in Granville Island have been there for decades. One of those shops that is one of the oldest in the Granville Island Market is the Lee’s Donuts shop that serves up some of the freshest and best donuts in the city.

What hotels are nearby Granville Island? If you are looking to stay here then you might be asking yourself this question. There is one great hotel nearby which is the Granville Island Hotel itself. This is located on 1253 Johnston St, Vancouver, and is a unique boutique hotel in the region when you want to explore and stay in Granville Island. It is also not that far from YVR airport either if you are looking to take a taxi or public transportation to get there. You have multiple options available that can get you to Granville Island.

When you want waterfront views and a place that is going to get you as close as possible to Granville Island then this is the best way to do it, by staying at Granville Island Hotel.

Find parks nearby like David Lam Park, George Wainborn Park, Charleson Park, Creekside Park, and Granville Loop Park.

Find Gardens Around Vancouver in Canada

There are many different garden spaces that are both big and small to find in Vancouver in Canada. If you are looking for one of the best garden spaces that you could explore then that would be VanDusen Botanical Garden. This is a stunning garden that is one of the best in BC, not just Vancouver. If you are looking for beautiful plants, trees, and flowers, that are going to take your breath away, then book a visit to the VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver.

Where is VanDusen Botanical Garden located?

5251 Oak St in Vancouver and it isn’t that far from Queen Elizabeth Park either if you wanted to make a visit to both in the same day. Depending on how much time you want to spend at the garden though you might find yourself rushing it. Especially if you have other things to do that day and want to have lunch or dinner, you might want to just visit one garden to take in all that it has to offer. Visit the next garden on another day.

For VanDusen Botanical Garden you can book tickets online and there will be a certain time that you book your visit through the park.

You can find some parking at the garden directly and it shouldn’t be too full, depending on what day you go. If it is full though there are many side streets nearby to look at when trying to find somewhere to park.

Shaughnessy Restaurant at VanDusen Garden
This is one of the best things about the garden space here is the restaurant. This is a great restaurant that has top service and is serving some delicious food too.

They have got brunch items, dessert, lunch and dinner choices, and a happy hour to take advantage of too. Tarragon Chicken Pot Pie, Crab, Shrimp, and Dill Croissants, Garlic Herb and Cheese Bread, Truffle and Oregano Fries, Crab Cakes, Seafood Pot Pie, and much more.

When you are hungry and looking for something to eat after walking around you can get your burger, chicken ,steaks, clam chowder, they have a huge variety here on the menu. Sound delicious? It is and I highly recommend trying their crab cakes before anything else. The restaurant makes it a beautiful spot to have a lunch after your exploration through the garden park area.

It makes for the perfect afternoon when looking to plan a family friendly event or have a fun date around town, this is a good spot to do it.

Photo by Ju00c9SHOOTS on Pexels.com

The Best Ice Cream in Vancouver on 1033 Venables St

Do you love ice cream? Because some of the best ice cream in Vancouver is found at La Casa Gelato. This is a great ice cream shop for several reasons and one of the biggest reasons is the variety here.

When I have visited in the past I have been able to choose having ice cream in bowls, or regular cones, there are also waffle cones, and chocolate dipped waffle cones that had sprinkles on them. The best par is the dozens of different ice cream options too.

They have over 200 flavors of ice cream here

There isn’t just ice cream either because they have also made chocolate covered strawberries, cakes, almond brittle, white chocolate cake pops, Sicilian cannoli, chocolate caramel clusters, chocolate dipped pretzels, chocolate coconut cake pops, and other treats.

This is a great spot to come in the summer when you are looking to cool off and get a delicious treat. It’s a family-friendly ice cream place in Vancouver that has so many different flavors that you can find just about anything.

There are many flavors here that you might never find anywhere else, many I had never even considered would become flavor combinations. It can be quite the fun experience when you look at tasting something totally crazy and different in the ice cream world that you never would’ve though you would see or try. This is the kind of experience that can be common here because of the different flavors you can find in ice cream.

From parks to ice cream shops, retail therapy at great malls like CF Pacific Centre, or a brunch down by the water with great views of the mountains and seaplanes flying in, there are so many different ways to enjoy Vancouver in Canada.

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