A Contest That Inspires Community Cleaning in Langley City

Imagine getting paid to pick up garbage and help your community at the same time, well that is what one cleaning contest is looking to do. It inspires people to get out and pick up garbage in their community for a chance to win a $50 reward.

In Langley, the Pitch-In Langley City contest is looking for volunteers to help restore and clean the region. The act of going out and picking up trash in Langley can help to beautify the city and make the place cleaner. It can also be a great chance to get out and meet new people and know the area a little better.

Pitch-In Langley City

The Pitch-In Langley City contest is looking for people to browse for litter in the community and pick up garbage from the streets, trails, and different parks in Langley. The participants who are interested in taking part in this contest can be entered to win a $50 reward that is referred to as ‘Downtown Dollars’.

Those who are interested in taking part in the contest can register with Langley City to get their own clean-up kit and they can pick their own date that they want to go out and look for trash in the community to get rid of.

The registration needs to be completed between April 1st and April 30th 2021. There is still time now for those that want to enter for that chance to win the $50 reward or ‘Downtown Dollars’ just for doing good in their community and picking up garbage.

This is a great way to inspire people to get outside, still staying distanced, and doing good in their own neighborhoods. It also gives that chance to earn a reward for those who might really need it right now.

What are downtown dollars?

Downtown dollars are a way to support businesses in the Langley downtown area. You can buy them online and every Downtown Dollar that gets spent with dozens of businesses then gets reimbursed 100 percent to that business that you have spent with. The downtown dollars in Langley are dollar for dollar

It’s easy to buy downtown dollars online if you want to go shopping and support businesses in Langley, they can later get those downtown dollars fully reimbursed when you use them on different products. There are many great small businesses to the discover in the Langley city region and if you are staying in Vancouver it is worth a small drive to check out this charming area. That is of course when non-essential travel isn’t still restricted because of the pandemic.

Langley is a community that has a lot of charm, many unique places to see, and small businesses to discover and support.

There are thousands of dollars in downtown dollars in Langley that go towards supporting businesses in the region each year. People can easily buy these downtown dollars as gifts and use them to support different local small businesses. This is the reward you can get entered to win for taking part in the Pitch-In Langley City clean-up contest.

Register Here for Pitch-In Langley City Event

On this page you should be able to scroll down and see the ‘Pitch In’ event listed and be able to register for the event for free. This gives you the chance to choose what day you want and get entered to win that $50 downtown dollars reward later on. You can also register over the phone as well at 604-514-2940.

The Pitch-In Langley City event is an effort that helps inspire people to clean up their own community and think about what good they might be able to do in that area. It can be something as simple as picking up some trash where you might see it on the streets or in the parks. This can help to keep the community beautiful and this event is a great chance to win rewards that also go toward helping businesses in the region too.

Register and get a clean-up kit, enter to win $50 reward in downtown dollars

There are many reasons to take part and it’s for all ages. The clean-up kits are going to be given out as well so you don’t need to worry about having your own tools for the clean-up.

There will also be instructions given out later on how to go about cleaning up the garbage and what to do with it once you have gathered any that you see. For this particular event it will require people to clean up areas that are specifically in the Langley City region.

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  1. Litter picking is becoming increasingly popular here. In some ways for folk to just get out and about to exercise and improve the local environment. But I think it is voluntary. Being paid to do it is an amazing incentive.


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