Herbaland Donating Portion of Gummy Sales to Support Canucks Autism Network

Herbaland is a gummy manufacturer in Richmond that is one of the fastest growing companies in Canada. They are a B.C. company that makes a variety of health gummy products that provide vitamins, electrolytes, collagen etc. Their vitamins are made with non gmo ingredients, no sugar, they’re all natural, gluten free, and vegetarian.

These are some truly delicious gummies if you are looking for a low sugar gummies option in Vancouver or Canada for that matter. You can find these gummies sold on their website and through other retailers.

Herbaland and Canucks Autism Network Work Together

Right now from March 31st to April 14th, so a few days left still, when you purchase any of their gummy products then you are going to help the Canucks Autism Network.

This is because 10 percent of the sales from those BC Herbaland gummies are going to support the network. Herbaland was also supposed to be the sponsor for the World Autism Acceptance Game that was supposed to take place at the end of March.

Due to the pandemic the World Autism Acceptance Game isn’t going to go on as scheduled and it has been postponed.

The Canucks Autism Network is a Canadian non-profit organization in BC that offers programs for individuals in the autism spectrum and also training in different sectors around the province. They seek to help those individuals become empowered in their lives and develop the necessary skills to potentially be able to enjoy physical activity and a lifetime of sport.

The network is one that helps to foster confidence and community engagement as well, inclusion all around the region and are bringing a warm and welcome space to people who need it. They help those in the autism spectrum to feel like they have a place where they are understood and accepted.

They hold a variety of fundraisers throughout the year and have a few upcoming events like the Canucks Autism Network Virtual Challenge that is coming up on May 31st that is an online fundraiser. You can catch these and other events throughout the year. These efforts help to raise thousands of dollars to go toward those community efforts to help those in the autism spectrum.

Herbaland has been very active in helping communities not only in Canada but in other regions as well. by getting their gummies to those who need them around the world.

These gummies provide a convenient way to get quality vitamins and other nutrition when you are looking for it, plus they taste great.

There aren’t many low sugar or no sugar gummies to choose from in the market and Herbaland fills that void.

Herbaland partnered with the Canucks Autism Network and this is just one way that they have been looking to give back during this pandemic. They have also been donating bottles to frontline workers as well.

There are a variety of different gummy products that you can find already from herbaland including those that have collagen, B12, vitamin D, vitamin C, and other ingredients. These are some delicious products that are made and with this partnership with the Canucks Autism Network it brings the chance to have a portion of the money going to help the community too.

Herbaland is Canada’s largest nutritional gummy manufacturer

They have been making gummy products for years now and they continue to come out with new and exciting products. You can also find occasional limited edition products being offered too, like right now they’ve got the Jilly Box Vegan Collagen Booster Gummies. Aside from that limited edition offering from Herbaland you can also find the Limited Edition Hero Box and Herbaland Limited Edition Beauty Box too.

There are also new products that they’ve just recently launched like the Pineapple Ginger Gummies Snack Healthy Pack, Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, and Lemon Vitamin C Gummies.

Aside from the delicious gummies with apple cider vinegar, collagen, pineapple ginger, and other ingredients, they’ve also got things like t-shirts, shopping bags, sweatshirts, water bottle, hats, travel bag, kids umbrella, and more.

The electrolyte fitness gummies taste like pina colada and are some of the best electrolyte gummies right now on the market. They also have the new Pre-Workout Fitness Gummies and you can get them in a case or pouch. These pre-workout fitness gummies from Herbaland are a blue raspberry flavor and offer caffeine, niacin, L-Citrulline, Beta-Alanine, and BCAA.

Sugar Free Gummies from Herbaland

There is only 1 gram of sugar in these pre-workout gummies and they are non gmo gummies, vegan, gluten free, and made with natural ingredients. They try to source the best ingredients in the world to make their gummy products.

These gummies make great snacks, great gifts, and offer different ingredients to meet a variety of needs. When you are looking for a sweet snack they are a fantastic low sugar option when there are not that many right now on the market. Aside from being low sugar or sugar free, they are also vegan and gluten free.

Herbaland is a growing Canadian company that has already come a long way and they have been bringing some great gummy products to the market now for years. There is a huge demand for low sugar/no sugar gummies in the market today and Herbaland is really filling that space with some quality options ranging from the collagen gummies to the B12, Vitamin C, and many others.

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