Where To Find A Good Keto Breakfast In Vancouver

There are many great breakfast places in Vancouver and nearby cities, something for every taste no matter if you want vegan, keto, paleo, or some other variety. You have your easy fast food places that are going to offer something quick and you will find basics like muffins, donuts, burritos, bagels, and more.

What if you are looking for something different? One place that I highly recommend trying for breakfast is SMAK in Vancouver. This restaurant offers ‘healthy fast food’ as they say and there are many different menu options to choose from when you go there.

Staying Keto In Vancouver

I try to stay low carb myself and that means I look for restaurants that can accommodate that low carb preference for me. SMAK has several options on the menu that are great to go with. The breakfast bowls that they offer are high quality and you can make many different varieties.

The one that is my favorite is the Avo Bacon Bowl, though you might want to opt out of the SMAK hash because of those potatoes and go with eggs instead and that is an option that also taste great. The smoothies here are delicious and overall you can get everything ordered very quickly.

SMAK has fast and friendly service and they are in a great location that is easy to get to. Whether you are driving on your own or you took the train, SMAK has a great location that is close to the water and makes it convenient to take breakfast for a picnic by the water with a view. If you are looking for breakfast with a view then this is a great spot to start with.

Best Breakfast Place in Vancouver With A View?

The one reason I would consider going to SMAK when I want a great breakfast and a great view is because I know that they are close to the water, the mountains, the park, and even just sitting outside on the tables you get a great view of downtown too. You can people watch and just sit there and enjoy your breakfast or brunch.

When you are up early in the downtown region and want a healthy fast food option as it has been marketed by SMAK then go to them and try one of their breakfast bowls because they have one of the best breakfast menus. You get the quality of a sit down restaurant for breakfast but you do not have to wait that long and you get it quickly, which makes it great for people who are on the run.

Looking for keto restaurants in Vancouver? There are a growing number of options and SMAK is one that has some menu items that make it easy to try and stay keto or low carb when you need to. When I found this restaurant I was ecstatic and I cannot wait to go again. I highly recommend going with them for breakfast because they had some delicious choices and you could tell that they are using quality ingredients there.

The smoothies? That’s another situation altogether. The green smoothie alone is one of the main reasons I frequent SMAK on several occasions.

SMAK adds apple juice to their smoothies and the green smoothie tasted very refreshing because of it. This isn’t their only smoothie option though and you can find other great tasting smoothies they sell like the iKale smoothie or the Vitamin G smoothie.

My favorite drink so far though is the Green Detox Smoothie that is made using spinach, parsley, ginger and also has a bit of pineapple in it as well. Because of the apple juice and fruits though it isn’t going to be that low carb if you are looking for low carb breakfast places in Vancouver. It might work for you though if you are sharing it with another. Regardless of the carb count though this smoothie is made with great ingredients and it does taste great.

Get A Keto Lunch to Go In Vancouver

One of the best things at SMAK in Vancouver is the keto salad that I purchased several of so that I could take them home and eat them later. They are great to have their or take with you down to the water to eat with a view. You could take it to work and have it for lunch or even enjoy as a late night snack with your favorite movie.

SMAK has great salads and I cannot say that enough. Their Keto Chicken Box but there are so many other great choices that you might also want to try. Aside from the Keto Chicken Box at SMAK in Vancouver they also have the Chicken SMAK box, Salmon SMAK box, Chicken detox side, Salmon and avocado side, and many other choices.

Find drinks and smoothies, even healthy gummies and granola to go, this is the perfect place to stop for breakfast or lunch.

Grab breakfast to eat here or take a smoothie to go and then get a salad to keep in the fridge for dinner. This is a restaurant that is good enough to eat at several times a day. If you want a good location in Vancouver as well for breakfast or lunch if you are visiting then SMAK is also a top choice because it’s in a great spot.

You can go for a short walk down to the water and get a great view while enjoying some coffee or tea in the morning or afternoon. SMAK is a convenient location that is perfect for a beautiful breakfast by the water and helps you stay keto if you want keto places in Vancouver for breakfast.

Keto Options For Breakfast

They don’t just have keto options on the menu of course there are many other choices. You can browse their website and look for different menu options according to your diet as well.

Whether you are looking for something vegan, keto, gluten free, or need some other accommodation for your own personal reasons. SMAK is a restaurant that makes this possible and has high quality ingredients that make it an easy choice to go with.

Downtown Breakfast Spots in Vancouver

SMAK is the perfect spot for a good breakfast in Vancouver no matter what time you want to get started, though you will want to get there before the late afternoon because they are not open late.

It does not matter if they close a little early though because you can just order their food to go and take it home with you.

The keto chicken salad box that I ordered several of stayed in the fridge and kept well, tasted just like new when I ate it later on. This is a great option when you want to pick something up on your way home after work, if you get off early, and enjoy a fresh salad for dinner.

The salads on the menu at SMAK are some of the best you might find in the city.

For keto breakfast options in Vancouver at SMAK you can get:

  • Organic Scrambled Eggs
  • Avo Eggs that bring you eggs with avocado mash, roasted tomatoes, SMAK hash, and green onion. Sub SMAK hash for extra eggs
  • Avo Bacon Bowl and sub SMAK hash for eggs again
  • Vegan Brekky Bowl and sub SMAK hash for eggs
  • Keto chicken box
  • Keto seafood box
  • chicken caesar salad
  • water
  • coffee
  • tea
  • unsweetened almond milk

Because of the different options on the menu at SMAK it really does make it a convenient keto restaurant when you are looking for Vancouver keto places.

The food tastes high quality and it keeps well if you want to have those salads later on. For drinks to go with you could grab a water or get a coffee that you add unsweetened almond milk too with some stevia. This isn’t the only drink option though, they’ve got a variety of coffee choices and there is tea too and more.

From start to finish the entire experience at SMAK was a good one.

The service was fast and friendly, the place was clean and organized, the food was fresh and tasted great. The option on their website that helps you to navigate the menu and search for things according to diet or allergy for example is a great tool for restaurants to implement today.

This tool is good for looking based on personal preferences and it can help you to save time and quickly narrow in on what you can and cannot eat according to what you alone might be looking for. The variety at SMAK is something that makes them a top breakfast place in Vancouver.

Breakfast With A View in Vancouver

If you are looking for a breakfast with a good view then hit up SMAK for breakfast or brunch if you are hungry. Take your meal to go with you and head on down to the water by Coal Harbour and take your pic of which direction you would like to walk.

The area down there is beautiful when the weather is nice out and it is warm enough to sit on a bench and enjoy some breakfast or lunch.

This is one of the most beautiful spots in Vancouver and early morning you will see many people out walking either by themselves, with their dog, or with loved ones etc. It starts getting busy early in the morning even on the weekends. But if you go to SMAK first then then it should still be quiet enough to find a great spot and enjoy some peace and quiet with the stunning view nearby.

This is where I go to find a KETO breakfast or lunch options, I go to SMAK in Vancouver because the food here is quality. Each time that I have tried the food here I have been able to see that it’s made fresh. Even better is that they are 100 percent gluten free too.

If you are looking to stay on the gluten free track too for your meals then SMAK can help because they’ve got great food choices for breakfast and lunch. It isn’t just a keto restaurant for breakfast in Vancouver, they aren’t specifically marketed as a keto restaurant either they just have some keto breakfast options.

From oatmeal to breakfast bowls, salads, smoothies, snacks to go, they make it so easy to stay on track. The convenience is a top reason to keep on going back but above all it is the quality of what you are getting when you pay for your meal.

After eating my meal from SMAK I just felt good, because the food was quality food, and because of how good it made me feel it made me want to go back and eat there again.

I also like the SMAK mission they’ve mentioned on their site of striving to become a zero waste facility. The fact that they are trying to operate with as little waste as possible is a great initiative to have.

Even better is that they have managed to make it so that much of the packaging is easy to compost. That makes it a lot quicker to clean up so that you can easily just toss it into the compost. Not only that but the food is locally sourced so they are also helping ecosystems and farmers in the British Columbia region by sourcing from here.

There are many reasons to try SMAK and to introduce others to SMAK if you are looking for a place to bring a friend or relative for breakfast or lunch.

If you have someone visiting from out of town and they are staying at a hotel downtown you could also recommend SMAK to them for breakfast or lunch too.

Depending on what hotel they are staying at it might be a very close walk for them because there are several Vancouver hotels right nearby the SMAK Pender location in Vancouver.

Get keto options in Vancouver from SMAK, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, paleo, and other choices too.

The composting convenience of being able to throw everything away also makes it stand apart from others that aren’t there at that point yet of convenience. Supporting SMAK helps to support those local farmers that they are also sourcing from.

When I am looking for something fresh and gluten free for breakfast, or a keto salad to take home for dinner, SMAK is an easy choice to make. SMAK has made it easy to find keto food in Vancouver and to stay keto for breakfast and lunch, even dinner too when I take their keto chicken salad to go.

Easy To Get To SMAK

SMAK is close to great views of the water down in Coal Harbour and it is also close to public transportation and the train. This makes it highly convenient but if you want to drive there is space too.

You will find easy parking nearby if you want to drive, depending on what time or day you come.

If you are heading to SMAK in Vancouver on the weekend though and are looking to park early in the morning for breakfast you shouldn’t have that much trouble finding a good spot.

There are many reasons to go here for breakfast but above all I would recommend SMAK because of the good food before anything else. Especially if you are looking for a good quality keto breakfast, lunch, or dinner with the Keto Chicken Salad to go and other keto options here.

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