When Will The Border Be Open Between Canada and the U.S.?

When can we expect the border is finally going to be opened for regular travel between the U.S. and Canada. This is the big question that many are increasingly asking because it has been closed for over a year now. But as of right now we should not expect that they will open the border anytime soon. They don’t even have a clear plan yet for how or when that might happen, what the road to that destination looks like.

Considering that B.C. and other regions of Canada are dealing with rising variant cases and seeing more hospitalizations this means that we will see the border still closed for some time yet. As we continue to see COVID-19 cases get worse then they aren’t going to jeopardize opening the border and making things worse.

How long has the border been closed between the U.S. and Canada?

It has already been closed for more than one year between the U.S. and Canada for non-essential travel. Those who are flying into Canada right now are also required to quarantine too. But it is interesting that for those who are driving to the country and not flying in, they are not being required to quarantine in any hotels in the same fashion.

Over 1 Million People in B.C. Have Been Vaccinated

Already there are more than 1 million people in the province who have been vaccinated and each day there are hundreds if not thousands more. Across the country we have seen that almost 7 million people have gotten their vaccination with thousands also receiving their 2nd dose already.

Spring is here and many have started going out again and mingling with friends and family, but with rising cases we have seen things take a turn for more closures and more restrictions. But B.C. hasn’t implemented the same strict closures that we are seeing in places like Ontario right now, at least not yet anyways.

We cannot be sure when they might move forward with opening the border for good between the U.S. and Canada, right now it is still essential travel purposes only.

In B.C. we are also being encouraged to avoid non-essential travel and to stay in our own communities, stick with big places and the same faces, to distance and keep up with trying to follow those public health guidelines.

There are a variety of events that are still planned for summer and later this year and if things get worse and more cases rise then more businesses in the region could close. Small businesses are already struggling and right now they need more help than ever, especially small business restaurants around the region.

Though indoor dining might be limited and other COVID-19 restrictions still imposed, there are many ways to support businesses in your area and it is easy today to order for take-out or delivery when you want to get some of the same great food. There are thousands of great businesses across the lower mainland that are eager to see community support right now and they need it if they are going to make it through, some might be surprised that they have even made it this far already.

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  1. I can’t believe the US put Canada on it’s high “don’t travel there” alert… last week? I mean, which of the 2 countries has more than 1/2Million covid deaths? Oh, yeah… that would be us.

    People should be warned not to travel to here, not the other way round!


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