How You Can Support Small Business Without Ever Spending Any Money

There are many small businesses in our communities that are struggling right now and need our help. It could be a brewing company downtown, a cafe around the corner, a hamburger joint that has been serving the area for decades.

There are thousands of different stories of businesses that have struggled to make it through the pandemic so far. From clothing retailers to restaurants, and many other industries, local and small businesses could use your support right now and there are ways to do it without spending any money.

Are there any businesses that you want to support right now in your community?

Do you want to help if you could in spreading the word about them and getting more business to their place? It is possible and can be done if you share your experiences with others.

One thing that you could do to help is to spread the word about how much you love their business. This doesn’t take anything but your time, depending on what you want to share. You could make a video of your experience at the business, you could share some photos of the products that you bought or write a review. There are a variety of things to do, a spectrum of effort and investment, on how far you want to take it.

Looking to support small business for free? There are ways to do it and all you need to do is utilize the tools that you have available to you right now. Sharing the information about your favorite business online is a great way to get started.

Spread the word about your love for the product or company

Tell your family, friends, people on your social networks, share the information you have. If you have found a product that you love or a business you think offers great service then why not tell others? Go to that business social media page and share your own review right there for others to see.

Go to their business page on a search engine and write a review there so that when others come by and look to see if they can find reviews, to help them make a decision to spend, they will see your review and what good experience you have had.

This is a great way to help small businesses that you love and want to support. Simply share others and tell the story about them and how creative you want to be with that is up to you.

You could interview the manager of the business and make a quality video online that ends up driving viral traffic to a cool cafe or restaurant. You might help people discover a small brand that could grow into something much bigger, bringing jobs to your community, all because you jumped on that chance to show your support for those businesses that you care about.

It doesn’t have to take anything but your time.

Sharing your love for your favorite business can be done in a variety of ways.

Today many people are going to look for reviews to see what others have said about the product. If they see some positive reviews then that can really help the business and encourage others to try.

Leaving some positive reviews for a business that you love is a great way to get started. There are many ways to do that, from going on your own site, to using search engine reviews, to going right on their social media site.

Share to your social media accounts

Tell your network about what you’ve found out and why you love the product. You do have influence whether you know it or not and it could be one person, ten, or thousands, but you do have influence.

When we talk to our friends and family, people around us at work etc, we share information about what we use and things we love. This is a great opportunity to tell other people about the things we use and love, including small businesses in the region that we support.

Take a photo of your meal from that small restaurant and share it online highlighting the local business so that others can also go in and share their support too.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find photos online of all menu items for every restaurant out there. What if the one you love is missing some information? What if other people out there might have tried it that night had they seen a photo of what a certain dish looked like? You could help to fill that gap and spread that info, do what you can in any small way shape or form.

The business that you are trying to support is surely to appreciate that effort that you put in to share the word and tell others. When you love something and you think you are getting value from it then why not share it so that others can also discover it and enjoy it as well.

The pandemic meant that many businesses were going to suffer this year, especially small stores and restaurants. And now in BC with limited indoor dining they are hurting even more.

If there is a small restaurant that you enjoy ordering from then think about how you too could do your part to spread the word and help them do better in this time of need. A small act that takes a few seconds could have a huge impact, you never know how many people might be influenced by what you share or post.

Follow The Company Online and Engage For Free

Aside from sharing information about that company you could also follow them on social media and engage with their posts. When those companies are posting to social media they are going to have a better chance having their content seen by more people if they have more engagement with the posts.

This means that when you see a company you like making a post you should like it, comment on it, share it if you can, or save it for later. These can help you to boost the engagement of that post so that it does better and is seen by more people. This is another action you can do for free that is going to help that small business online to do better.

Marketing can be very costly today for a small business that is out there. It could be hard for a new business to start to become known in the community. Considering this then, the more people that know about the product then the higher chances they have of finding new customers. You could help in that regard and you might not even know how.

If you are looking for ways to support small businesses in your area then there are ways to do it for free without having to spend a dime. Using tools online you can get a lot done and have a big impact this way in helping businesses that you love and find value from.

Following online or subscribing to a newsletter, sharing information about the product, giving reviews, these are all great actions to take.

These are small actions that can help to spread the word about a small business that you are enjoying. If there is a product or a service that you have heard about and enjoy then why not make sure to help it be successful? You do not want to see it fail if you are enjoying it and the more successful it becomes then you might decrease those chances.

Do not miss the chance to help a business stick around by missing the opportunity to support it in any way that you can, if you love it then spread the word about it.

Small businesses out there today come in many shapes and sizes. They are offering products and services ranging from everyday services to obscure objects that you probably could not even imagine. Many of these small businesses are struggling and they need help because of the pandemic; the changes to international travel and the economic downturn we’ve been facing. Without that community support then who knows how many more might not survive here and around the world.

Going out and showing our support to them can be done easily and quickly, because there are things we can do in our off time that are simple and free.

Sharing the word online doesn’t cost anything we can share anything all day every day, we do it anyways. Why not share about what we love too? We can give reviews because when we have a negative experience there are high chances we might leave a negative review then. But what about a positive review? This can go a long way as well. Especially when you leave a positive review that is authentic then that can be more likely to influence others to try the company.

Engaging with the posts online can be another simple way to help on a daily basis so that company can get a better chance of growing and getting more customers down the line. When each post on social media platforms today is going to see more likes and engagement from comments then it is going to be shared and seen by more people in the long run. You can help to make that happen by offering that engagement.

If you love the product or company anyway then it shouldn’t be hard, it won’t even feel like work. It will feel fun because you will be doing something you are enjoying, something that makes you happy because you will know you are helping others. Not only that but you are consuming content about something you truly do enjoy, whatever product or service that might be.

Find those small ways to support small businesses today around your own community.

Check out farmers markets in Vancouver and other cities and see what artisans might be selling. Those vendors who are selling at farmers markets, the non-food ones especially, have been waiting for the chance to get in and sell and overcome the hardships that COVID-19 brought to so many. Now that more farmers markets in BC are opening up now it is a great time to go out and see what product and other items you can find.

As cases have been rising in BC these days health officials have still suggested that people stick with outdoor spaces over indoor closed spaces, and with small groups of 10 or less. Who knows what might come by summer and if those changes might be further adapted to deal with rising variant cases in BC.

Many small businesses in the region could still face a great deal of pain if things do close down again for summer or for some time this year. And for those who are still here and have made it through the pandemic so far it would be a great time to show them your support whenever you can.

It doesn’t need to take a lot of time. It also does not need to take a lot of money, or any money in fact. You could just post a few comments, give a review, follow online, share a post, all of these actions are going to be something that helps that business. If they are just getting started and off the ground then your marketing efforts can go a long way in helping to spread the word, especially if you have a lot of followers online that are going to see it. Make the most out of your network and use it for good in that way if you are looking to support small businesses around you.

It could take as little as a few seconds every day that you could spend supporting a small business that you love. That little effort is greatly appreciated by those small businesses in Vancouver and around the region that are struggling right now. You never know what impact it could have and it could be bigger than you know.

So take a photo, film a video, share your positive story. Get the word out about how much you love the local and small businesses that you love. You can get as creative with it as you like and spend as much time on it as you like. The best part is it is up to you and you are doing it purely out of the motivation for how much you really do love that company or product.

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  1. Great post. We should all be doing this. Our small businesses are the life blood of our communities and it’s been proved that supporting local businesses keeps money in the local community where it belongs rather than in some foreign tax haven.


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