Hotels Offering Deals to Local Residents Right Now

There has been a drastic slowdown in tourism for hotels in Vancouver and around the world. With non-essential travel still restricted right now and hotels looking to boost their occupancy, they’ve turned to locals. This means you can find one deal or another being offered by hotels that are looking to attract locals to plan a staycation in their own communities.

Hotels offering room Upgrades, Late Checkouts, complimentary wine, charcuterie boards, and more.

In Vancouver you can find hotels like the Fairmont Pacific Rim offering local residents a special deal that gives them a complimentary room upgrade. Along with that complimentary room upgrade you can also get a later check out at 5pm and parking too.

The Hilton at Metrotown is also doing a deal for the perfect date night package. Theirs comes with a bottle of wine, dinner, hot tub time, breakfast, parking, wifi, an in room movie, and more.

These are just some of the limited offers that you can find right now if you look around.

Aside from that you might also find that hotels are offering attractive discounts if you book multiple nights with them. If you are looking to get that vacation feeling but still want to stay close to home then the staycation offers you the best way to do it. It gives you the chance to stay local and still support those businesses that need it.

Hotels around Vancouver and elsewhere have implemented a variety of changes since COVID-19 including distancing changes, restricted dining services, and more.

There might not be the usual full menu services that you might expect from that hotel you’ve been to previously, but there is still the opportunity to support those other local businesses nearby.

Your hotel might not have room service for example but you can order delivery or take out from restaurants nearby.

Photo by Lukas Kloeppel on Pexels.com

How to Find Hotels With Deals in Vancouver

The best way to find hotels that are having deals in Vancouver right now is to look for one that you might want to stay at and check their social media. This is where they are likely going to post any recent deals that they have going on.

You can find out about date night specials, discounts, holiday celebrations where they have take away kits, and plenty more. Signing up for the newsletter of your favorite hotels is also a great way to keep up to date when they have any special events or deals.

There are many hotels in Vancouver right now that are struggling with that decline in tourism and they need help to make it going forward. When these hotels suffer they also impact many other small businesses in the region that might cater to them as well.

Traveling outside of your community right now is restricted for non-essential purposes. Sticking with outdoor spaces and the same small groups of familiar faces is what is recommended. Many in the region, especially essential workers, are trying to do their best to get us through the recent uptick in COVID-19 cases.

BC has seen a rise in cases and is said to be dealing with its 3rd wave, though we aren’t seeing as many severe restrictions as other regions of Canada are right now like Ontario. But that could change in an instant though as we aren’t out of the woods yet.

There is a lot of fear that summer might see another lock down if things don’t start to turn around. They have also just recently announced the power for public health officials to close down businesses for at least 10 days that might see an outbreak. This goes along with other recently announced changes involving indoor dining services and other activities.

There is the potential for more changes to be announced in BC if things get worse, they might move further toward increased restrictions to business and daily life if they feel it is necessary to do so for public health reasons.

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