This Week Only Domino’s Canada Offering 50% Off Pizzas

Right now Domino’s Canada is having a huge deal where you can get 50% off all their pizzas for this week only. The code that you are supposed to use is 8700 in order to get the deal for the discount on whatever pizza you want.

Domino’s has a variety of great pizzas on the menu including their new Chicken Taco and Cheeseburger pizza which make it easy to keep up with taco Tuesday by having your taco in pizza form.

Only For 1 week: 50 percent off deal

If you have been looking for a good deal and are craving pizza then do not miss out on the chance to grab this deal where you can get 50% off right now and try any of their pizza options that Domino’s Canada is offering right now.

If you have not tried the Chicken Taco pizza yet then I highly recommend going with that one first, unless you’re craving another combo instead or you don’t do chicken. You could even get a veggie taco and it would still be good.

When you go onto the website you can see the deal being advertised right now and when you click for delivery or carryout the coupon should already be selected. Ordering from Domino’s is easy and fast and they’ve got some of the freshest and best pizza in Canada right now.

Based on their overall worldwide pizza sales you can consider Domino’s to be the biggest pizza company in the world. As far as how they’re doing in sales, just recently Domino’s Pizza posted that their Q4 for 2020 saw 21.7 percent growth and they are still opening many new stores around the world today.

You might be surprised to see what countries today you can find Domino’s Pizza being served. Those countries include places like Canada, Jamaica, the United States, and dozens of other countries.

On average Domino’s is selling millions of pizzas every single day, about 3 million or more.

Right now there are thousands of different Domino’s stores around the world and they are one of the top pizza players in the pizza wars with pizza lovers everywhere.

Domino’s has recently celebrated 60 years of success for their company, just last year their celebrated that milestone. As more people stayed in last year because of the pandemic that meant they were turning to comfort foods like pizza and that worked out great for players like Domino’s to be there to meet their needs for them.

Right now you could say that Domino’s is essentially winning the pizza wars and if you have had their products before then you can probably see why that might be.

Their new Chicken Taco and Cheeseburger pizzas are great additions to the menu and you can always expect something new and fresh when looking to see what’s available for lunch or dinner.

If you have been waiting for a great deal on pizza then this is it with the recent 50% off deal that will only be running for a week so you will want to get your pizza at a cheaper price while you can.

You could even freeze it for later and heat up another time because reheated pizza is arguably even better than the first round.

Don’t Miss the 50% off Domino’s Pizza Sale

You can check their website to order and take advantage of that coupon if you are looking for a deal and looking to save half price on one of their pizza options.

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