7 Things You Didn’t Know About Cherry Blossom Trees

Cherry blossom trees can be found in different parts of the world and right now they are in full bloom in Vancouver and the lower mainland. You can see beautiful cherry blossom trees in many different garden spaces, along sidewalks, and all around Vancouver and in other regions. Cherry blossom trees are truly some of the most unique and beautiful trees in the world today and there is a lot about cherry blossom trees that you might not know about.

Here are just a few fun facts about cherry blossom trees and the way that we celebrate them around the world.

7. Cherry Blossom Festivals Around the World

There are different cherry blossom festivals to find around the world including in places like Vancouver and Washington, D.C These events get held on an annual basis and they encourage tourism around cherry blossom trees, highlight cherry blossom art and poetry, and much more.

There are a variety of cherry blossom themed events that have been held over the year and in Vancouver we have the cherry blossom festival every year though COVID-19 meant many turned to virtual celebrations to enjoy the seasonal treat of when the cherry blossoms start to bloom. There are a variety of cherry blossom trees to find in Vancouver, Burnaby, and other regions around the lower mainland.

These are truly some of the most beautiful trees in the world and many people want to celebrate them regularly. Japan is one region that is also known for its own cherry blossom festivals, they have also been held in Sydney, Australia, Denmark, and other areas. There is a lot of love for cherry blossoms all over the world because of how stunning and wonderfully unique these flowers are.

6. How many cherry blossom tree varieties are there? Hundreds

There are hundreds of different kinds of cherry blossom trees. Japan alone is hosting between 200-600 different varieties of cherry blossoms. This means you can find cherry blossoms that might look vastly different from what you are used to. There are a variety of colors of cherry blossoms including white, pink, and even green.

5. It takes between 5 to 7 years for a cherry blossom tree to be fully grown

If you are going to plant a cherry blossom tree today then you will watch it grow for several years before it peaks and reaches that full growth. It is estimated that the cherry blossom trees could take 5 to 7 years to reach their full grown potential. It will not take that long to start seeing those beautiful cherry blossom though, you could see that within the first few years of it growing.

4. There Are Green Cherry Blossoms

That’s right! have you seen green cherry blossom before? They are very rare but it is possible to find them because they are one color variety that exists of cherry blossoms. You can also find yellow cherry blossoms along with those rare green cherry blossoms and there are a variety of pink shades too.

3. It Costs Less Than $100

Depending on where you go looking for your cherry blossom tree you could find one starting at around $100 if you want to grow your own. There are cheaper options than that though, depending on what growing stage you want to get your cherry blossom tree.

You can buy one for cheaper than $100, even cheaper than $50 and that makes it accessible for many to start growing their own if they’ve got the room. Depending on where you are looking for a tree you could be able to get one started between $50-$100 and it won’t take that long to start seeing those cherry blossoms showing either.

2. Japan Hosts The Most Variety of Cherry Blossom Trees

There are hundreds of different varieties of cherry blossom trees to find in Japan this makes it the country that is believed to have the most varieties in the world today.

But the cherry blossom capital of the world is in Macon, Georgia where they also have a cherry blossom festival as well each spring. They are known to be the cherry blossom capital of the world there because they have tens of thousands of cherry blossom trees in the region that bloom each year.

You can find cherry blossom festivals and beautiful cherry blossom sights to take in that are located in many other regions around the world and one of those places includes Vancouver and also the greater BC region.

1. Oldest Cherry Tree is over 1,000 years old

The oldest cherry tree in the world is believed to be at least 1,000 years old and is located in Japan, the Yamanashi Prefecture. This cherry blossom tree is celebrated not only for being the oldest in the region but it is also the biggest as well. If you are looking for a tremendous cherry blossom sight to behold then it might be a visit to the oldest cherry blossom tree that is located in Japan. See that one and hundreds of other cherry blossom trees in the region, making it the top country destination for any travelers that are looking for all things cherry blossoms.

But if you don’t want to go that far, Vancouver has its own cherry blossom festival and for many that simply means stopping by to admire and take pictures of the trees right now as they are blooming.

There are many different areas to pull over and get out, go for a walk, and admire the many cherry blossom trees in the region. Whether going for an early morning walk or trying to catch some before sunset, there are different perfect times during the day to go and visit and see some beautiful trees.

In the BC region you’ve got places like Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam, and other areas, which all have stunning cherry blossom trees to be found.

Now with the weather getting nicer it is the perfect time to try and find some cherry blossom trees in your own community. You could also take a picture and share online with the hashtag of the region so that others can also go out and explore where you might find cherry blossom trees around town. People are always looking for good places to view those cherry blossom trees from and you could help to discover them by sharing what you find.

Cherry blossom trees are truly stunning and there is still a lot about them that you might not know. Those festivals that are held around the world help shine a light on these beautiful flowers and the long history they’ve had in certain parts of the world, with hundreds of varieties being grown in places like Japan. The good news is that it isn’t that costly to grow your own and it doesn’t take that long either to start seeing the blossoms and enjoying the cherry blossom tree once it has been planted.

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  1. I remember doing my morning runs down Begbie street and Hillside ave in Victoria and I would see the pink blossoms spread all over the streets. It reminded me of beautiful pink snow being blown by the wind. I miss the spring in B.C. for sure. The wind here and cold of Newfoundland makes me want to move back sometimes lololol….. GOD BLESS Rachel!


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