The View From Burnaby Mountain

Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Burnaby, BC. There is a fantastic rose garden space here that has many varieties of roses to see. There are beautiful views of the mountains and water below and plenty of space to walk around. There is a large parking area but it usually gets filled up quickly from people who are looking to spend the day on the mountain.

Great Place For Tourists To See BC Beauty

From the photo here you can see the city as far as Vancouver and it looks beautiful when there is a clear sky for a sunset. Whether you are here early morning for the sunrise or want to see the sunset later in the evening, it’s a great place to visit any time during the day. There is public access to washrooms available as well and lots of picnic area seating if you want to plan a lunch up on the mountain.

The Burnaby Mountain rose garden is easy to get to and is one of the best gardens in Burnaby when you are looking for the top gardens in Burnaby to visit. This is a garden that you do not want to miss and should easily make one of the top garden spaces in Burnaby because of how many beautiful roses you see here and other plants and flowers.

There are many trails to find and go hiking, to explore the area and see some unique sights. You could spend 15 minutes up here or several hours, it depends on what you want to do. Seeing the garden alone you should carve out 30 minutes or more to truly take it in and see all the beauty that she has to offer.

Best Gardens in Burnaby: Rose Garden at Burnaby Mountain

There are some times when it isn’t that busy up on the mountain and those are really great times to come and see the garden if you want to be there when it isn’t too crowded. This might be when the weather isn’t as nice out, when it is raining, or early morning or late afternoon. When the weather does get nicer out it can quickly fill up the parking lot at Burnaby Mountain and the cars end up parking all the way down the mountain along the side of the road. There have been times when I have driven up and couldn’t find any place to park so we had to go somewhere else to visit.

If you are planning a visit then plan early and leave some extra time to find a good parking space. If you are going during peak summer or peak hours then maybe you might want to think about parking somewhere else nearby and then taking public transportation nearby instead, walking up the mountain. This might be a better option than driving around for a long time looking for an empty spot.

Rose Garden at Burnaby Mountain

The rose garden at Burnaby mountain has a variety of beautiful roses to see. It’s a great place to visit if you are looking for an ideal garden space to explore. This rose garden is popular with both locals and tourists alike and for obvious reasons.

When you are looking for stunning views and beautiful flowers to see, Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area with the rose garden truly has it all for you. Bring a water bottle with you and go for a short walk with friends or family, it’s the perfect location for a family day or even spending time on your own to explore BC and get some time outdoors.

There is a lot more to see than just roses as well, there are other plants and flowers to find at the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area all through the year.

Looking for top gardens near Vancouver or in Burnaby that you want to visit? Check out the rose garden at the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area if you haven’t yet. This is a beautiful Burnaby garden that is worth the attention, it has a lot to offer and makes for a stunning visit almost any time of year or day.

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