A Trip to the Farmers Market This Summer in Vancouver

A great way to have fun this summer would be a trip to the farmers market. If you are looking to find some quality local produce and other artisan products from local makers, then a trip to the farmers market in Vancouver or another BC city would be a perfect destination to find it.

Many markets are easily accessible, offer good parking, or have bike racks for your bikes to get easy access and transportation. There are many farmers markets to find around the region, probably one in your own community.

You can also find some farmers markets are also going to be hosting some food truck vendors too. You will be able to find wine, seafood, hummus and pesto products, flowers, craft burgers, pasta, coffee, and so much more.

Now that the weather is getting warmer there are a variety of farmers markets in Vancouver and other regions that have already opened and more to come.

If you are looking for some fresh produce and want to support those local artisans then the farmers market is the perfect chance to do it, by making a trip to a farmers market near you.

Looking for farmers markets in BC

Farmers markets are going to be selling artisan products aside from just food products. If you head to your local farmers market in Vancouver you might find a wide variety of products like soap, essential oils, jewelry, paintings, and other items, along with the food that is being sold there as well.

Some farmers markets are also still accepting applications for those growers and artisans who might be looking to sell their goods this summer.

If you are looking for something to do on the weekend then a trip to the farmers market might be a great way to spend some extra time. If you have something to sell that you’ve made or grown as well, there is still time to get involved in some markets and get that opportunity to start selling.

You are still able to stay outdoors and distanced which health officials have advocated for over indoor and closed spaces. As they say, ‘big spaces and the same faces’ in their advertising campaign of the public health orders they’ve been putting out.

BC has been dealing with a ‘3rd wave’ lately and a rise in cases, for this reason we could see more lock down restrictions come in the weeks ahead. Who knows what that might mean for farmers markets and other businesses in the region.

BC has been going along with its reopening plans and there was talk of a new normal by summer but all that seemed to change several weeks ago with more restrictions and lock-downs announced.

Farmers Markets in BC for Summer

Farmers markets are a great place to find a wide range of items from vegetables to fruit baskets, pies, to soaps, clothing, and other handmade goods.

Flowers can also be found at many farmers markets in British Columbia and would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift which is only a few weeks away from now.

Going to the farmers market can bring the opportunity to get better quality goods that are organic or local and also give the chance to support your local community and artisans there who are growing or making goods.

You can find a number of different farmers market locations in the Vancouver region and other cities, and they are still hiring for summer markets as well right now.

Find farmers markets in areas like the West End, Riley Park, Main St. Station, Kitsilano, Hastings Park, and other areas.

Some of those farmers markets might not be open yet though but in the coming weeks we should see more start to open for the summer season.

There are going to be some changes because of COVID-19 to the normal farmers market experience but the good thing is that they are still open for business right now. There are many makers and small growers in the BC region who depend on the business they get from those farmers markets.

They need support from their communities through this pandemic and the farmers market is the best place to find those who you want to support in the region who might be offering something you need or want.

There are so many great products to find and high quality items to discover that cannot be found anywhere else.

Whether looking for yourself or for gifts for others, like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day coming up, there are several reason to go looking at your local farmers market this summer.

Those artisans at those farmers markets in BC just recently received the green light to start selling again at farmers markets when they had previously been prohibited because there was a ban on the sale of non-food items. Petitions had been launched after the ban went into place, to show support from the communities who wanted to see their flower growers and other artisans allowed to sell again. It took some time but now they’re finally given that chance and freedom to start selling.

If you are looking to support those crafters and growers in your community then take the opportunity to visit your local farmers market to see what you might discover this summer.

Farmers Market Opening This Weekend!

Langley Farmers Market and Fort Langley Village Farmers’ Market are expected to open soon. The Fort Langley Village Farmers Market will open the doors this weekend for the 2021 season on April 10th. But the Langley Farmers Market is going to come in several weeks from now on June 16th at the Derek Doubleday Arboretum.

For the Fort Langley Farmers Market you can expect to find the market running on the weekends, Saturdays from 9am to 3 pm and it will go for several months if all goes well. That should mean you can catch this market up until December 18th of this year.

The Langley Community Farmers Market is going to be running until Sept 1st and will end in a shorter amount of time.

You should be able to see dozens of different vendors, including growers and artisans from the region. That means that you can find things like fresh vegetables and fruit, baked goods, coffee, and other items. They are still looking for vendors for the event as well that might be interested in selling during the 2021 season. There were restrictions that had been previously placed on non food items, they were prevented from being sold at farmers markets, items like flowers for example, but now things will be different for those vendors.

That new change for non-food items being sold at Vancouver farmers markets and other regions cannot come at a soon enough. The change comes at a time for vendors who are eager to get back to selling and offering their goods at markets in the lower mainland and around British Columbia. The pandemic has been hard for many and the farmers markets in BC help those sellers to be able to access and get that community support that is available.

Farmers markets are great family friendly events to visit this summer and fall. They make it easy to get outdoors and enjoy your community and also give you that chance to support others in the region. If you want to grab some local produce and support those growers then the farmers markets in the region can be the best way to go about doing it. Make a day of it and bring the entire family, get some tasty snacks or try some new artisan products being made.

There is coffee to find, fresh flowers, and so much more at these farmers markets around BC.

Chances are that you probably have one going on your own community and it might be open for business now already, with more to come this summer if things continue to go well and no new restrictions on farmers markets get announced.

What can you find at the farmers market?

There are many different items that you can find being sold at farmers markets and this includes things like flowers, essential oils, candles, jewelry, clothing, fresh produce, coffee, cheese and dairy items, and many other goods.

It is a great way for artisans in the local community to get homemade products to those living in their communities. When you go to the local grocery store it might not be easy to find local produce that might offer a more fresh result than that which has been shipped to the region over weeks. Buying local is easy when you go to the farmers market to find what you need. They might not always have every item of course but sometimes you can save money by buying local this way.

Farmers markets help to increase access to fresh food

In communities all around BC these farmers markets are helping to increase our access to fresh and quality food that is grown right here in the region. Having farmers markets in the region can help to support healthy communities by offering more fresh produce options and more quality goods. It also helps to strengthen the community by also giving those farmers and vendors a chance to sell through the farmers markets to their communities.

Last year the pandemic made it difficult to do business in many regions for farmers markets but they still saw significant demand. This year we should expect no difference and when the weather gets warmer there might be many families and individuals looking to get something at their own farmers market. It’s a great way to have a little daycation somewhere in your own community, to get out and meet new people and try new things. You don’t have to travel far away to get to a farmers market in BC depending on where you are.

There are many different farmers markets to find and some that aren’t open yet but give it time and one could be opening soon in your own area. With rising COVID-19 cases though it might change things but for now farmers markets are going ahead and people have been encouraged to go with outdoor plans when they can instead of indoor plans.

We are to go with ‘big spaces and same faces’ as they have been saying, with outdoor groups limited to 10 people and who knows when that could change. Indoor dining just recently saw more restrictions as BC has been dealing with its 3rd wave and working toward a reopening.

Farmers markets offer a chance to get outside and enjoy the nice weather.

It’s still easy to get out and stay distanced even if you want to go to a farmers market in your own community. They often have some great products like handmade soap or bath bombs, candles, and things that make great gifts for almost any occasion. If you are going to be looking for something soon for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day then why not go looking at a farmers market? this is the perfect chance to find a great unique gift and also support your community artisans and growers.

There are a variety of vendors to be found when you visit farmers markets in BC, not every farmers market is going to have the same product offerings. If you are looking for a way to get out and stay distanced while getting some essential goods then a trip to the farmers market in Vancouver or some other region might be the perfect place. This gives you more option for local produce and other goods and gives you a chance to support community growers all at the same time.

When the weather is nice it can be the perfect day plan to go early morning or early afternoon and spend an hour browsing the farmers market and seeing what they have. Because of COVID-19 changes though you might want to leave a little bit of extra time for whatever changes might be in place as far as limited capacity and distancing etc.

There will be dozens of great farmers markets that will be open this spring and summer, well into the fall too in certain regions. Look for those farmers markets in your own community and check them out to show your local support and get the chance to find some quality goods that have been made and grown in B.C.

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