Why Is It So Hard To Make Friends As You Get Older?

Making friends when you are younger can seem like it just comes naturally. When you go through school and join different classes and sports, this gives you the opportunity to meet many different people in the community. Still, there are some who don’t enjoy socializing much in those years and like to keep to themselves. Going online can be a good avenue to find people who are interested in the same things that you too might be interested in.

When we get older we are more ‘set in our ways’ as you might say and perhaps this adds some conflict when choosing who we might want to be friends with or not. When we are younger we might not be as selective, we’re just happy to hang out with someone and play in the mud or see a movie after school.

Things get a little different when you get older and start looking at people for what networking value they might add to your life rather than how much you enjoy spending time with them, or what knowledge or skills you might be able to learn from them. Making friends isn’t easy for everyone and it doesn’t always come natural.

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Joining Classes To Meet New Friends

This is a great way to not only meet new friends but you also get to learn some new things too. You could increase your skills on your resume by taking certain courses or seminars and at the same time get the chance to meet new people. Starting a new job can also bring that opportunity, meeting new friends in the workplace or that might frequent your new workplace.

Volunteering is another great way to get to know others in your community. There are many volunteer opportunities in Vancouver and the lower mainland if you are looking to volunteer and meet new people. Whether helping the environment, the poor, animals, or some other causes, there is a wide variety of places to look at when you want to volunteer.

Ways to Make New Friends

– go on vacation

– join a new class

– do volunteer work

– help someone

– join a club

– attend a festival or event in your community

– get a new job or a side hustle

Making new friends might be as difficult as just seeking to break the routine and get out to do something new. It can feel daunting at first and you might be afraid of what you might say or how others might perceive you, but beyond that fear there can be great reward.

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It’s never too late to make new friends, there is always time to go out and meet new people.

Starting online and finding interests that you might want to explore as far as taking classes, this can be the best place to get started. The best part about it? There are many free ways to go out and make friends and you don’t always need to open your wallet. It could be the local community center or public library, there are many arenas to get out and explore your community and make friends without having to pay for it.

Volunteering and starting to get to know your community better can be a great starting point. Go to the local community center or library because here it is likely you will start to see regulars and get to engage with more people in the area.

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  1. Great post Rachel!
    I want to add to your first point of ‘going on vacation’ … my husband and I walked two Camino’s (a long hiking journey) in Spain and Portugal (more than 700km over 4 weeks) and the amount of new friends we’ve made there is just amazing 👣.
    When doing something you have in common with other people (like walking), it can be a great opportunity to form new friendships.

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  2. That is true! Also when you have a family, it takes a big part of your time and you will not have as much time (or energy) for friends as before. So you don’t need so many friends as younger when you have all the time in the world! (Part of those you had may have already been eliminated like happend to me too).


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