When Will Whistler Open Back Up?

Because of rising cases for COVID-19 in BC and variants accounting for more cases we have seen new measures implemented for a soft lockdown again. BC has been pushing forward with the reopening but we are still weeks or months away from more of a new normal.

Right now indoor dining and other activities have been limited, people are encouraged to stick with the ‘same faces’ and engage in activities in ‘outdoor places’ when possible, outdoor spaces are seen as being the better alternative because you can stay distanced from others etc. Gatherings are still limited though to 10 people for those outdoor gatherings.

Whistler Blackcomb had announced that it was going to close for several weeks to deal with rising cases in its own community.

The plan was that Whistler was going to be closed for several weeks but then that turned into a permanent closure for the Winter season. There are only a few weeks left in the season and so for those who had passes and were looking forward to getting up on the mountain the news came as a shock.

The news of the closure wasn’t well received with some who expressed their frustration on the social media pages after the announcement was made. Whistler Blackcomb expressed their committment to get ready for the summer season ahead now that the winter season has come to a final close. Some might have thought that the closure was only going to last for several weeks because there was still time left to enjoy the ski and snowboard season.

Whistler is closed for the 2020/2021 winter season now.

The rising cases in Whistler Blackcomb meant that they were going to be closed for at least 3 weeks but now the winter season is done and they are working toward the next reopening that is expected to be in summer.

Variants are reportedly responsible for playing a big role in having the community shut down because of the rising cases they have been responsible for in the region and in British Columbia. While some say that closing the ski community isn’t the solution, others are patiently waiting to make it through the restrictions and soft lockdown we’re going through now so that we can sometime see that new normal again. BC is already well underway with the reopening since last year but there are rising cases and that could mean going into lockdown again.

Other regions of Canada are already seeing more severe lockdowns and if things take a turn then BC could also implement more restrictions to businesses and daily life.

The summer season for Whistler is expected to begin in June.

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