Over 6 Million Already Receive 1st Vaccine Dose in Canada

When looking at covid cases in BC right now there are rising rates of individuals being admitted to hospitals here and around the country. BC is said to be dealing with its 3rd wave right now and in the last 7 days there have been thousands of new patients admitted to the hospital. Variants are growing and accounting for more cases in the region, with more younger people also being admitted to hospital.

To try and deal with that rising amount of cases we have seen recent announcements for changes to indoor dining and other activities. Businesses have had to see a reduction in capacity again and there is hope that if we ‘buckle down’ that it might not be too much longer that we might continue with that reopening.

Officials mentioned several weeks ago that they were on their way with that reopening and that we could see restrictions eased in the coming weeks. That was if things were going to continue going according to plan though and there wasn’t some rapid increase in cases like we’ve seen recently.

Vaccinated Canadians: Over 6 Million for 1st Dose

There are over 6 million Canadians who have received their first dose in getting vaccinated against COVID-19, about 5.8 million right now and hundreds of thousands more every week. For those that have been fully vaccinated there are over 700k and many more expect to get those 2nd dose vaccinations in a few weeks from now, sometime during the summer.

The recent slight changes again though to indoor dining and other activities might have come as a surprise to some. There has been upset, frustration, and even protest against it.

Support for or against a broad lock down is pretty split, with many passionate advocates on either side. Some restaurants have closed their doors willingly in BC saying they don’t want customers right now because they aren’t following distancing rules and other guidelines.

Then there are other restaurant owners that have vowed to defy the public health orders only to be quickly shut down and had their license suspended because of it.

There are many businesses struggling in BC right now especially restaurants and they need community support now more than ever. Thankfully there are certain measures that have been put into place to help them, including opportunities that enable those businesses to utilize parking space and other outdoor spaces to try and set up outdoor dining.

Outdoor Dining is Saving Restaurants

The popularity that restaurants have seen with outdoor dining programs is not only ensuring that those programs continue for some time but it is also helping to keep those restaurants alive right now.

For many of them if it weren’t for that outdoor dining then perhaps a great deal more would have closed permanently.

The restaurant association in the region has said that those who seek to defy the recent temporary changes to indoor dining are acting selfishly and irresponsibly, the support or discontent with the community is severely mixed. Because of those changes to indoor dining now there are even more patios popping up around B.C.

Since we are dealing with rising cases and more concerns for variants etc it is encouraged that people in BC stick with ‘big places and the same faces’ when going about day to day. This includes avoiding non-essential travel, staying with your own small group of people you live with etc, and trying to opt for outdoor spaces rather than indoor activities.

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