Good Breakfast Spots in Vancouver

Getting breakfast when you are trying to stay low carb can sometimes be difficult. There are the obvious options like bacon and eggs, but what if you want to spice it up with something different? There is one restaurant that I discovered recently called SMAK that has some great keto options. They have a good breakfast bowl that is low carb and also a keto salad bowl that was so good I took several home with it.

The SMAK restaurant is one of the best places that I would go to in Vancouver if I was looking to find good breakfast spots in the city. This is one that is perfect for breakfast or brunch, it isn’t open late so you will want to get there morning or afternoon if you can.

Another good option when trying to stay low carb is just going with some basic egg sous vide options. Starbucks has several and one of my favorites is the veggie egg bite from Starbucks. I have tried to make these at home with an actual sous vide cooker and the DASH mini egg maker but I have not come close.

These are some of the best veggie egg bites that I have tried and so they keep me coming back occasionally. They aren’t as low carb as you could probably make at home but they are a good option if you are on the go and you need something quick.

There are Starbucks locations everywhere that make it very easy to order this product when you want to get something delicious for breakfast.

Low Carb Egg Bites

Trying to keep egg bites low carb can be easier when you just make them at home. But making them at home might not give you the same quality you have tasted from Starbucks, it will be a bit different. That is unless you tweak the recipe and find one that fits your own tastes to essentially be the perfect egg bite for you.

One great thing about egg bites is you can add so many different combinations of ingredients to them. They are very versatile.

Aside from egg bites or SMAK there are other options like lettuce wraps from a burger place or a salad from Wendy’s for lunch.

There are many fast food restaurants that are now offering lettuce wraps and that makes it easy to go with that for a lunch option. but what about for breakfast when you are looking for low carb breakfast options and good breakfast spots in Vancouver? There are also places like Denny’s or Ihop that can give you omelette options which also make it easy to order for take-out and stay low carb for breakfast for lunch.

Meal Prep With Egg Bites for Low Carb Breakfast Options

Meal prep is easy when you are looking to make a few egg bites ahead of time. You can cook them for breakfast and bring them to work for lunch, heat them up in the microwave later on. Or another option is to cook the egg bites and then freeze them to be able to thaw and eat later on. They freeze great and it saves time from having to make them fresh during the day when you are craving some.

Finding a Vancouver low carb breakfast is possible if you go to places like SMAK or Starbucks, check out the Keto Caveman Cafe or the Festal Paleo Cafe. There seem to be a growing number of keto options now in the region and they are perfect for brunch or lunch.

The Keto Caveman Cafe in Vancouver gives you the advantage of being able to order for takeout too if you want to place your order ahead and pick it up for lunch or after work on your way home.

This is where you are going to find keto food that is nutrient dense, gluten-free, paleo, vegan, and 100 percent natural with no preservatives. Find things like Keto Sheperd’s Pie, pepperoni keto pizza, keto lemon bars, keto red velvet cakes, keto chocolate cake that’s both dairy free and nut free. From bread to cookies to wraps they are growing quickly because the keto and paleo demand is huge here in Vancouver and around B.C.

If you aren’t worried about carbs whatsoever and are seriously craving some delicious breakfast options like eggs bennie then opt for a breakfast hot spot like Yolks because they too are one of the gems you don’t want to miss out on in Vancouver.

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  1. I recently went to a breakfast place for the first time in over a year! They Egg Benedict using portobello mushrooms. It may sound strange but was amazing!


  2. One of our favourite places for breakfast in Vancouver is Forage in the West End. Ahhhh, dining out in a restaurant, I remember when we did that. Stay well. Allan


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