The Perfect Time to be Getting Outdoors

Experts have recently urged that right now is the perfect time for British Columbians to be getting outdoors in order to socialize. They say that this is much better than organizing indoor activities.

Rather than people meeting up and spending time in poorly ventilated work spaces and other areas, they are suggesting that getting outdoors is the best move to make when you’re staying distanced. The weather is also getting a lot warmer here now with spring and summer soon approaching.

There are many things to see and do in BC when you are looking to find a lake, park, or get out for the day. Look to explore B.C. and you will not run out of places to see. There are many waterfalls, hiking areas, trails, parks, garden spaces, and a lot more to see. Right now though, British Columbians are being encouraged to stay in their own communities.

Don’t look to plan any vacation anytime soon where you will be driving far away because public health orders still urge you to stay close to home. Not only that but they are also urging you to avoid non-essential travel whenever possible.

B.C. Expecting Busy Camping Season

Spaces are already filling up for the busy camping season ahead. If you are looking to go out and do some camping then you might want to get into looking for a space already. There are spaces that you are able to register within 2 months of when you might be going on vacation. There are many different camping spaces to find in B.C., some that offer a longer getaway or only daytime operations etc. There is something for everyone, no matter if you want a sports camp situation, an outdoor wilderness camping situation, or some other type of camping experience.

B.C. is a beautiful province to travel to when you are looking to get outdoors and go camping. There are so many beautiful lakes and outdoor spaces here, thousands of different parks and forests, so much natural beauty to take in.

B.C. is still pushing forward with its plan for reopening and we are doing arguably better than some other provinces who have seen a much more severe lock down to try and get control of the rising rates.

We have been lucky here but there are still a variety of restrictions in place and recent changes to indoor dining and more. If they can get control of things and those cases start to go down then we might see them move further along in their reopening plan by summer.

Still, there are many events and festivals that are planning to go on throughout the year. But it isn’t known if or when another more severe lock down might come.

Those recent changes to indoor dining came as a surprise to some, they caused a lot of frustration and confusion, and there is a lot of hope that by summer we can see more unraveling of those restrictions.

People want to get out and enjoy the weather, enjoy their summer, and spend time with their friends and families. For those in B.C., according to experts, the outdoor gatherings might be the safest bet.

Right now you can get out and gather with up to 10 people and in the coming weeks we might see that start to shift with more allowances for gatherings being made.

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