The Best Indian Food In Burnaby

Indian Bombay Bistro For The Best Indian Food In Burnaby
I have ordered from Indian Bombay Bistro many times because I think they make some of the best Indian food in Burnaby. There are other Indian food restaurants that you can find and places to find Indian dishes or a variety of them, but if you want some great Indian cuisine come here to the Indian Bombay Bistro for lunch or dinner.

Easy To Order From Indian Bombay Bistro

It is easy to order from here and that is one of the things that makes it so convenient. You can order through third party delivery apps like Skip The Dishes and that means that I can do other things and wait for it to arrive. It always arrives hot and the order is always right when I have placed an order.

This is my favorite place to order when I am looking to take a night off of cooking. This is one of the best Indian food places in Burnaby, with dishes like butter chicken, samosas, roti, and more.

If you are craving something like those dishes then I would suggest trying this restaurant for lunch or dinner.

Indian Bombay Bistro is also great for a date night as well, although indoor dining is limited in BC right now with recent COVID-19 restrictions again. But ordering for pick-up or delivery through those apps is easier than ever. I would say that this might be the best way to do it.

Have your date night right at home and take the time off of cooking, spending time together doing something else and enjoying your night. The food arrives quickly and is always hot and fresh. There are great appetizers, even sweets for after your meal too if you are looking for something like that.

The Best Indian Food For Delivery in Burnaby is Indian Bombay Bistro

Download a delivery app like Skip The Dishes and it will give you access to this Burnaby Indian restaurant if you are in the location area. When you order it usually takes between 20-30 minutes depending on what time that you order.

Even on a very busy night it has never taken more than around 40 minutes and that’s how long you might wait anyways if you are at a restaurant somewhere.

Sometimes you might wait 30 minutes just for them to come take your order and give you drinks. The wait isn’t a problem when ordering this food through a delivery service.

Find the dine-in service when it isn’t restricted by COVID-19 indoor dining changes and get delivery or take away.

This place is easy to order from, easy to get to, and there is great parking nearby. It is right on the corner in Burnaby on 6th street and that makes it easy to park on one of the surrounding streets and run in to get your food. This is a very convenient location to get to and order from when you are craving some great Indian food.

I have tried butter chicken from other restaurants, which happens to be my favorite thing to order, and it just wasn’t the same. This is one of the best butter chicken options that I have tried when I went looking for butter chicken in Burnaby.

I was pleased to find this restaurant serving not only great butter chicken in Burnaby but also great samosas and fantastic roti too.

When you order the butter chicken you can choose how hot you might want it, with a medium or hot designation to get a bit more spice.

I have tried both the hot and the medium and now prefer to do medium because the hot was just a little bit too hot for me. Even though I do like my spice. So now I just stick with the medium option for the butter chicken.

There is a great vegetable curry as well that you can see here pictured. The vegetable curry is a great vegetarian dish if you want something that offers a variety.

Indian Food: Vegetable Curry

It has the cauliflower, potato, carrots, peas, and other vegetables. You can taste the spices and flavor that it is high quality and a lot of effort goes into making it. This is also another favorite dish. The vegetable curry goes great with roti or with some rice, cauliflower rice.

There are different roti options too if you want different breads, with cheese or other herbs. The variety on the menu is another benefit that makes this Indian restaurant in Burnaby one of the best as well. It isn’t only that the food tastes very good but that the place has good service, is always clean, and is convenient to order from.

If you love dishes like vegetable curry, butter chicken, samosas, and other similar items, then you should check out this restaurant in Burnaby the next time you are looking for a lunch or dinner spot.

On the Menu at Indian Bombay Bistro

Find dishes being served like tandoori prawns, tandoori chicken, lamb tikka, paratha, coconut naan, spinach naan, onion kulcha, cheese naan, tandoori roti, garlic naan, raita, chutney, galab jamun, mango ice cream, rasmalai, chicken curry, chicken vindalo, chicken tikka masala, chicken palak, chicken josh, chicken malai, chicken korma, and others.

On the menu at this Indian cuisine restaurant in Burnaby you can also discover great options for lamb, beef, and some seafood options on the menu too. Whatever you might be craving it seems they are going to have a good option in a variety of categories. Their chicken dishes are some of the best that I have tried before. There seems to be something for everyone even those who want to just stick with rice and vegetables. The roti is always fresh, hot, and tastes great.

The appetizers, main course, everything always arrives well packaged and served hot. It also heats up great later if you want to have the leftovers on another day or pack it for lunch the next day too. Many reasons keep me coming back and recommending this place to others but above all I would have to say it is simply the great tasting food.

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  1. I live in a predominantly Asian area of London and so I am somewhat spoiled for “Indian” food even if 95% of the restaurant that call themselves Indian are actually Bangladeshi owned and staffed but this looks like a very good option where you are. I am salivating just looking at it!


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