Reaching Their Limits: Search Groups in B.C. Seeing More Demand As People Head Outside

The weather is getting nicer in British Columbia and that means that more people are heading outdoors to enjoy spring and soon summer. That means that search and rescue services are already seeing a surge in calls for help. There have been recent restrictions placed on some activities and indoor dining etc, but outdoor gatherings are still taking place.

Some rural communities in B.C. fear that they might see a rise in COVID-19 cases because of those who are looking to travel outside of their communities. Right now it is still discouraged to travel outside of your community.

The variants are accounting for a larger number of cases that are coming into the hospital, especially with younger people in B.C. There was hope that we might see some new normal for BC by summer but things could change quickly.

Restaurants were able to open up again with distancing changes and limitations on capacity etc, but then things changed recently with the closure for indoor dining again. The back and forth has caused a lot of stress for restaurants in the region and other businesses.

Some restaurants say that they might go out of business now because of this recent lock down again on their restaurant but officials have stated that there will be relief and various programs made available because of the lock down, for those who need help to get through it.

Some restaurants in Vancouver have been caught defying those public health orders anyways. There are hundreds of business owners around the region that have expressed extreme frustration with these recent changes. They are not happy with the closure again and the limitations on their potential to come back and earn a living.

For those that have defied the ban, and speaking to the news about how they plan to stay open regardless of orders to do otherwise, patrons at their establishments have been seen cheering and shouting at public health officials to leave restaurant owners alone when they’ve come to try and talk with them and possibly shut them down for violating the rules.

But those who are determined to defy those bans are bound to get a visit and have been facing fines, closures, being reported, and many say that they are putting their communities at risk. There has been a lot of confusion over the rule changes with some wondering what they are able to do, being able to dine on patios but not indoors, the changes might not make sense to some.

New Changes to Daily Life in B.C. As Cases Rise

Politicians in the region have also been arguing that a one size fits all approach doesn’t work here and there has been a lot of push-back over the recent changes to indoor dining and other activities. We have also seen that they’ve done a lock down again in other parts of Canada like in Ontario recently. In that region because of the pandemic now again we see that they too have closed down barber shops, hair salons, and a variety of other services, for several weeks to deal with the new rise in cases.

Health experts in that region have been calling on the government to do more and urging that more measures are needed to try and control the spread of the disease, that if more isn’t done that we could be facing a worse situation than we are right now.

BC 3rd wave

BC has been moving along with its reopening plan and that meant that we might have seen a new normal by summer. BC officials did admit though that they might have been a little optimistic in hoping for that new normal to further finalize within a few months from now. It could take longer, and they would only have opened things further if cases remained low and if things kept going well and according to their plans.

We thought that things might change for Easter with more freedom for in-person religious services but that changed recently with the new announcement of the COVID-19 safety measures for the public here. They decided that they couldn’t take a chance in making those further reopening changes because of the rise in cases right now. As a result, not that long ago they announced more recent COVID-19 changes to indoor dining and more.

When they are seeing a rise in cases like they have been then that means that they are not ready to open things up even more. It’s better to be on the safe side and for experts and officials around Canada that means locking things down. As far as whether or not Canadians might support that move, some polls have demonstrated that feelings are split, with no clear majority preferring either. There is a lot of support for either side, for either move to lock things down more or open things up finally for the summer ahead.

Hospitals in Canada are being overwhelmed, with many younger people now being impacted by the variants and being admitted to hospital.

But vaccinations have been rolling out quickly and already it’s estimated that several million have received their vaccine in Canada. This includes many seniors who were arguably the most vulnerable among us, there are many others who are getting theirs now too with hundreds of thousands being vaccinated every single day.

But despite the vaccines coming out and many having already got their first dose, there is a lot of concern for how much the 3rd wave might impact the health system around Canada and overwhelm hospitals. Already, doctors in Ontario have been calling for more to be done because they are concerned about the rising cases and rising demand on resources for their hospitals. There is a growing problem and they need more help in dealing with it.

It is time to ‘dig in’ the BC health minister recently suggested.

And that means that it is time to be more vigilant about following those measures that they have announced. They want to see more people work on staying home if possible, avoiding non-essential travel, keeping distance from others etc.

In general, officials are encouraging the public to take those safety measures seriously. If they don’t then there is a fear that things could get worse here and we might see more business closures and more restrictions come by summer.

After many months of being closed and seeing a drastic decline in business there are hundreds if not thousands of businesses around B.C. that are still struggling and they need help. If they are to close again then that could mean the permanent closure of many more great services and stores in our communities.

Now more than ever there are businesses struggling all around the province that need support from their communities, especially through this light lock down once again with more business restrictions announced recently to deal with the BC 3rd wave.

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  1. It is a challenging time for politicians, economists, and health governance globally. It will be interesting to see a comparison balancing the number of COVID-19 cases and economy revival; VERSUS number of COVID fatalities and economy revival; in different regions. And of course maintaining the practice of masking, hand hygiene and social distancing. We have issuance of fines for those who keep breaking these practices. Stay safe!


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