Grass-fed Burgers with Chaffle Buns

Making Burgers with Chaffle Buns Is Easy

When you are looking to stay low carb and want to have some burgers at home then chaffles might be the best option for a bun. There are low carb bun options that you can find in different places already in Canada and the U.S., but if you do not have access to any then the chaffle might be the next best thing.

I have had many lettuce wraps and they are delicious, makes it easy to get a burger when you are trying to stay keto. But when you are craving a little bit of something more, like the taste of a bun, then try a chaffle with your bun.

Today I made several chaffles so that I could make a couple of grass fed burgers. I only used 3 eggs and 1/2 cup of cheese and whisked it together with a little garlic powder and some everything seasoning and the chaffles were perfect. It takes less than 10 minutes to whisk together and make several chaffles. If you have more than one Dash mini waffle maker then it is going to make it a lot easier for you. I only have one heart-shaped Dash waffle mini maker so I need to make one waffle at a time.

I have learned that having two waffle makers is better when you want the dinner for both people to be done a little faster. You don’t want to have one burger ready and someone eating it while you are still making chaffles for the others.

The best thing about making low carb chaffles is that they are so easy almost anyone can do it. They are also low cost as well because you only need eggs and cheese. You don’t need the cheese either if you just want to make an egg waffle, but the cheese helps it to be a little more crispy.

What You Need For Chaffles
3 eggs
1/2 cup of cheese

That’s it! Mix those ingredients together and you will have enough ingredients to make several chaffles. If you are looking to make burgers for everyone then you might want to double the ingredients so that you can get enough chaffles for 4 burgers or more. This was enough for only 2 burgers and I had one chaffle left after that. This is a great recipe that is easy to make when you want to stay keto and find something low carb for a bun for burger night.

One of the best meals that works for me to try and stay keto is a lettuce wrap. Luckily there are many places today that make it easy to get the lettuce wrap but not every place offers a good experience with it. Some places don’t have good lettuce that can wrap around the entire burger for example. The shredded lettuce does not really work the same way. Other places will have too much lettuce and you might feel like you’re making your way through a rain forest before you can get to and taste burger.

Making burgers at home is better because you are in control of what goes in and what your burger looks like. You get to put as much or as little lettuce as you want. Making chaffles is easy and you can make several chaffles in less than 10 minutes if you are in a rush and want something for breakfast, lunch, or for dinner. It even makes a good movie snack if you want some burgers then.

While the burger is cooking on the grill or in the oven, you can get busy mixing the eggs and cheese together. Get everything mixed so that while the burger is cooking you can start making your chaffles. This is as easy as pouring an ice cream scoop half full of egg mix into your waffle maker. For me I use the DASH mini waffle maker that is shaped like a heart and so I did not need a full scoop of egg and cheese mix in order to make my waffle.

I find that the more cheese you add, especially cheddar, that the better crisp ratio you are going to get for the chaffle. I do not like when the chaffle is too soft because it does not work well with the burger and so I add more cheddar cheese to get it crispier.

You can use chaffles for a variety of different meals. They work great as a bun when you are craving a BLT, or want to make a great grass-fed burger for lunch or dinner. It can go by itself with a side of something like salad or bacon, even use it as a wrap to eat bacon and mayo inside like a taco. It is so versatile and that is what is great about the chaffle.

It’s cost effective too and can help keep the meal cost down when you are looking to save a little bit of money, eggs are some of the cheapest meal options to go with depending on what you are going to pair with it.

Making chaffles is something that is easy and can be done in several minutes. The best way to make them faster is just to get a waffle maker that can make two waffles at a time. Or because the mini waffle makers are so cheap you can also get two of those and make two waffles at a time. Then by the time it takes to make one waffle you already have enough for your burger.

Getting chaffles made is easy and there are plenty of great waffle makers on the market to choose from.

Find waffle makers shaped like hearts, pineapples, and other designs, the one I used here as you can see is the heart waffle maker. Each chaffle is only going to take 1 or 2 minutes to fully cook, depending on how crispy you want your chaffle to be.

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