The Rose Garden At Burnaby Mountain

There are so many beautiful flowers to see at the rose garden at Burnaby Mountain. When you come here for a walk any time during the day you will find many beautiful things to see and a lot of space to roam around. There is usually plenty of parking and the location is easy to get to. It offers a very quiet and peaceful place to enjoy and see the beauty that Burnaby and the surrounding area has to offer. No matter what time of day you come, rain or shine, it is a beautiful place to spend some time.

The Views at Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area

The views that you get to see here are some of the best in the city. See the beautiful mountains and Vancouver downtown core skyline, when it isn’t a foggy day out you can see the entire city from on top of the mountain. It’s a beautiful place to bring a friend or family member when you want to enjoy the weather and have a nice day outside.

At the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area there is lots of parking and you can walk all around the mountain, you could walk for an hour or more if you wanted to. There are trails that you can follow if you are looking to go hiking.

But not everyone goes to Burnaby Mountain to go hiking. Some are going for the flowers and there are plenty of them to see up at Burnaby Mountain at the rose garden there. There are dozens of different roses and colors to see, with names listed around each section so that you can see which rose is which. There are many benches and places to sit and lots of space to put a blanket down too if you want to have a picnic or just sit with friends.

There are many things to see, beautiful sights to see and sounds to hear, birds chirping away in the early morning. This is one of the best places in Burnaby to visit on a beautiful day outside when it is spring or summer.

If you want to find some natural beauty, have a day that is filled with lots of flowers, plants, trees, and space to be out on your own and well distanced from others, then head here for a visit.

Burnaby Mountain offers a beautiful rose garden that has some of the most stunning roses you might see in the city. There are not many rose collections in Burnaby that can compare to this place. It offers one of the best garden spaces around and is on top of the mountain so you get those amazing views of the inlet and mountains around the area.

When you are here for sunrise or sunset it makes for some great pictures of the city area. There are many tourists who you might see taking pictures around the area too, it’s a popular place to visit. For hiking and walking it also offers many choices, whether you are looking to hike for a long distance or just go for a short stroll.

Looking for the best garden in Burnaby?

I would say that the rose garden at Burnaby Mountain makes the best garden space for several reasons. One of which is the variety that you get to see here with the roses that are growing. Even when it is raining it can make for some truly beautiful photos. The roses last for several months and make for a beautiful scene in the summer. But they aren’t the only flowers to see in the region, there are many trees and plants to take in. Visiting Burnaby Mountain is also a great idea in the fall when all of the colors of the trees change as well.

This is truly one of the most beautiful garden spaces in the lower mainland that’s close to Vancouver, the rose garden here is just as good as those you might find in other popular gardens in Vancouver. But this garden is a gem for Burnaby and if you are looking to see some roses and aren’t sure where to go then this might be one of the first places to check with and see if the roses are blooming yet.

There are many spaces for parking and public toilets available, places to sit down if you are looking to take a rest from the walking too.

Burnaby Mountain makes for a great place to spend the afternoon outdoors and it’s family friendly, perfect for almost any occasion.

There have been people seen taking wedding photos up at Burnaby Mountain, or graduation photos, the scenery up there is next to none. It will take your breath away easily if you haven’t experienced it before and you go at the right time. There have been some amazing sunsets to catch there, amazing photos that can be taken up on top of the mountain.

When you want to get a change of pace and see something outdoors, explore what BC has to offer and see a little bit of Burnaby then this should be on the list. This is easily one of the best park areas, garden spaces in Burnaby and one of the best gardens to visit.

If you love roses or just love gardens and flowers then you would love a visit to this rose garden. Not only to see the roses but to see all the flowers in the area and surrounding views and trees, any true nature lover would value a trip here.

For those in the area they are most already aware of what a magnificent place this is to visit.

Take your coffee early morning and go for a stroll to see the sunrise, or get your backpack ready to go for a hike for the day. There are many ways that you can enjoy Burnaby Mountain and look to spend the day up there. It doesn’t have to be just one activity and the rose garden at Burnaby Mountain isn’t the only place to enjoy while you are there either.

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  1. If I am ever fortunate enough to get to Canada, this garden will be on my to-see list! Thank you for sharing
    these wonderful pictures.

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