Health Canada Issues Warning About Graphene Masks

Graphene masks are growing in popularity recently and Canadian authorities have recently issued some warnings about potential health hazards that might be linked with using these masks.

Recall for graphene masks in Canada

There has been a recall issued for some disposable masks that have been made with graphene. They warn that those who might have a graphene mask should be cautious because you could inhale graphene particles from the masks and that could pose a serious health risk to the wearers they warn.

The potential isn’t known though about for those masks and it isn’t clear the risk but preliminary assessment, Canadian authorities warn, has found that some of those graphene particles might cause issues in the lungs and be very toxic, causing serious health concern if inhaled for example. They are looking into manufacturer data to further assess these masks.

Already they have directed those behind the masks coming to market, like distributors and manufacturers etc, to stop selling the graphene face masks and to recall the graphene face masks until they know more.

3rd Wave in Canada

Right now Canada is going through its 3rd wave and younger people are being admitted to the hospital more with variants representing a rising number of cases in the region. Recent restrictions have been announced in different provinces to try and deal with that rise in cases, including closing of indoor dining or new lockdown restrictions etc. Some businesses in Ontario have had to close their doors again altogether and it will mean that many more small businesses might not make it.

For some who are worried about variants and COVID-19 still they might opt to reach for a mask that might promise to do more, like a graphene mask, but authorities warn to be cautious when looking at or considering these masks. There is serious health concern they warn the public to consider and experts are looking further into the potential threat that might be connected with these masks.

These masks could be made with potentially harmful toxic chemicals and there is risk in wearing them and breathing in graphene particles they warn so now thousands of those masks are going to be recalled. They will continue to try to work on stopping the import of these masks and the sale of them across Canada as well.

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