10 Fun Things to Do in Burnaby

There are many fun things to do around Burnaby if you get bored and want something to fill your morning, afternoon or night. Whether you are looking for something to do over the weekend, want to show some tourists around town, or looking for a fun place after work to visit, there is much to see in Burnaby.

Here is a list of some of the best places there are to visit around the Burnaby region and many are perfect for the family-friendly afternoon you might be looking for.

10. Metrotown – Metropolis at Metrotown

Metrotown is a multi-story shopping area in Burnaby that is going to be one of the best places to spend an afternoon. They are so many places to see here that you could easily be here for several hours while shopping or having something to eat.

Getting to Metrotown, Burnaby

There is plenty of parking including free parking and it is very easy to get here on public transportation as well. You can find a large food area with many different food options and cuisine choices. There are also dozens upon dozens of different stores, hundreds of them to look through and choose from.

There is a hotel nearby if you get tired and want to spend the night too.

Looking for good stores to shop at? Here you will find Aldo accessories, Apple, Armani Exchange, Disney store, The Body Shop, Purdy’s, Pandora, H & M, Hot Topic, Hudson’s Bay, and many other options. Whether you want a prom dress, new suit for a wedding, chocolate for Valentine’s day, or flowers for a funeral, they have everything you need here at Metropolis at Metrotown in Burnaby.

It is the perfect place to spend the afternoon because there is so much to see and do here and a lot of food options for when you get hungry.

9. Burnaby Lake

Burnaby lake is a beautiful area that you can spend the day and you never quite know what you might see here. There are geese to see and other animals near the water. You might see a squirrel or two and some other birds. There are many bird watchers who come here to spend some time and get some great photos.

There are trails all around so you can spend hours walking them, it all depends on how fast you might want to walk them. This is a place where you will see many tourists and other locals coming to walk during the day. There are many flowers and plants to see, a lot of wildlife to see while visiting Burnaby Lake.

If you are looking to get outside and spend that time in nature then Burnaby Lake is perfect for you. There is free parking available and depending on when you come it might not be that busy you might be able to get very close to the trails and water. Other times during the summer it can get busier and the parking can fill up quickly. Getting here by public transportation isn’t that much of an issue though. There are also easy options of taking a taxi to Burnaby Lake as well if you want to go that route.

If you have some time to get out and want to enjoy the weather, when we are having a good weather day, then Burnaby Lake is one of the best options in Burnaby to visit. This is a great place for a date, to go by yourself to see some beautiful city and water views, or to see some animals, it’s also very family-friendly as well. If you haven’t been here yet then plan a visit because it is worth the drive or the trip to see this beautiful area in Burnaby.

8. Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area

Do you love flowers? Want to see a spectacular garden space? And stunning mountain views? Go for a hike for an hour or two? Or just sit in your car and see the downtown scenery from on top of the mountain? All of this can be done when you visit the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area.

This is one of the most beautiful places to see in the Burnaby region and it is easy to get to with plenty of parking. The parking does fill up fast though so you will want to get here early if you are planning a trip. There are tables as well if you want to have a picnic space outside but there is also plenty of shaded area, grass space, so that you can put a blanket down and sit on the ground for a picnic as well.

You will see many families and tourists coming here and taking photos of the stunning area. Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area is popular with tourists and locals because it is one of the most beautiful places in the city. You should not forget to bring you camera when you plan a trip here and try to come early so that you can get good parking. In the summer you will see that parking can go all the way down the mountain because so many people want to come out for a hike or come out and enjoy the scenery, to watch the sunrise or sunset. In the spring or summer this is one of the best places to visit and has many different plants, trees, and flowers to see.

Top Gardens in Burnaby, BC

The rose garden here is one of the most beautiful that you might ever see. They have a variety of beautiful different colored roses and various tables that you can sit down if you want to take a rest and just enjoy the sights. There are washrooms for public use as well if you need while you’re up on the mountain.

7. The Amazing Brentwood

Brentwood Town Centre is an incredible shopping center located in Burnaby that is going to have everything that you need. They have so many new buildings coming up in the area here that Brentwood has truly been transformed in the last several years. It looks like a new region altogether with a new skyline after such incredible development has taken place in the last 10 years in this region.

It is easy to get to Brentwood mall in Burnaby if you are looking for something that has accessible public transportation. Buses go right by and the skytrain is right there with Brentwood station to make things easier than ever. When you want to go shopping for back to school, get something to eat for lunch, have your nails done, get your hair done, or do some other shopping, then you should check out this mall in Burnaby because it is one of the best. Brentwood is a fantastic shopping center location that has a variety to offer no matter what you might be looking for.

There is plenty of free parking at Brentwood too but it can fill up quickly when things get busy. The best way to not have to worry about that is just to take the skytrain. But I have never been to Brentwood and been unable to find parking, no matter how busy or what day I have been there on. Even if you have to wait a little bit or look nearby for something else, there are options.

6. Movie at Metrotown

If you are bored and looking for some fun things to do in Burnaby this weekend then look at seeing a movie at the movie theater. There is a movie theater located at the mall that is one of the best in the lower mainland. If you are looking to see one of the most recent box office hits then head on over to Cineplex Cinemas Metropolis. But you might have to check when they open though because of COVID-19 they have been temporarily closed and might not be open for some time with regular schedules again like we were used to years ago.

During COVID-19 though there have been some theaters that have opened with limited seating and showings, requiring distancing still and masks when you aren’t sitting in your seat etc. But for Cineplex Cinemas Metropolis they are closed along with other theaters in the region right now and won’t be able to reopen until sometime in the future.

When this place is open as usual you can expect a great theater experience with top food choices, lots of bathroom access, quality theaters, and it’s again close to public transportation. Whether taking the skytrain or bus it is easy to get here to the movie theater at Metrotown in Burnaby and this is one of the most fun things to do in Burnaby as a family when they are running as normal.

5. Cozmos Cafe + Bistro

Cozmos Cafe + Bistro
This might be one of the most underrated Burnaby restaurants that you could ever find or try. I don’t know how any tourists would find this place because it isn’t in a very busy location, but it is popular with locals because they know how good the food is here. The service on top of that is always friendly and very helpful. If you are looking to go somewhere great for brunch, lunch, or dinner, then try the Cozmos Cafe + Bistro in Burnaby because they have fantastic food for you.

If you cannot dine-in there is always the option of getting it delivered through third party delivery apps too like Skip The Dishes who do deliver if you are in the area. You could order to pick it up too if you aren’t into having it delivered that way.

They have some of the best chicken souvlaki in Burnaby and if you want Greek food in Burnaby then you should try this restaurant. It is great to support a small business right now because these restaurants need our help the most during COVID-19 and this cafe is one that makes great food for when you get hungry. There is plenty of free parking and it is easy to access when you are looking to pick up your food or dine-in when it is open.

What to try? I would go with the chicken or salmon souvlaki, they’re great, and the Focaccia Sandwich is good also. The full club is the one that you see pictured here. The garlic mayo they have is also delicious and I would highly recommend trying. This is a top spot to try for any lunch or dinner in Burnaby no matter if eating alone, with family, or on a date.

4. Boston Pizza for Lunch

Boston Pizza is the perfect place to go for lunch or dinner because they have great food. The prices are great, they play sports on the televisions for those who don’t want to miss the game while they’re eating. This is a family friendly environment and there is plenty of table space available for when dining in is an option and you’re looking for a good restaurant to sit down in and eat.

Bring someone here who is visiting the region and they will have a great lunch or dinner because there is so much to try on the menu. They have great meal deals too and you can find some of the best pizza recipes around that you might not have ever come across before.

Boston Pizza is a true Canadian brand and offers a fun lunch or dinner experience when you get hungry and want a laid-back atmosphere to go with family for a good meal. If you are going to Metrotown in Burnaby already for some shopping then it is easy to get to the Boston Pizza in Burnaby that is nearby.

If you are looking for a good lunch spot that offers pizza, drinks, and a long list of other menu options, then take a look at Boston Pizza in Burnaby for lunch or dinner.

3. Earls Kitchen + Bar

The Earls Kitchen + Bar in Burnaby on Lougheed Highway is the perfect location to go for lunch or dinner. They are only offering limited dining options right now because of COVID-19 but it is still worth going here for a meal out. If you are looking to order in you can also access the menu through third party delivery apps. It is easier than ever to order from Earls Kitchen + Bar and it is one of the best patio restaurant options in Burnaby.

Restaurants with a patio in Burnaby

There is plenty of patio space here and you will often see that it gets very busy in the summer. There are many parking spaces available and it is easy to get too, easy to spot right when you’re driving past on Lougheed Highway in Burnaby.

Earls Kitchen + Bar is great no matter if you want to order in alone and eat on your own, or bring your family to celebrate a birthday or some other occasion. There is so many good food choices on the Earls menu. Also, when you want great restaurants with a patio in Burnaby then you should try Earls before any other. Looking to celebrate and want something utterly delicious? Go with their Filet + Crab Cake deal and top that off with the Peanut Butter + Chocolate Cheesecake afterwards.

Want to try something new and fresh? Go with the Earls Wok-Fried Chicken Lettuce Wrap or the Jumbo Lump Crab Cake, Salmon Zen Bowl, or the Thai Prawn Curry Bowl. These are all amazing choices and they’ve got a lot more than that. Great drinks here, great service, great food, lots of seating, the outdoor patio, easy to order from, many reasons to check out Earls in Burnaby.

2. REVS Bowling in Burnaby

REVS Burnaby is a popular bowling location that is regarded as Western Canada’s largest 10 pin bowling center location. This is a great place to come with the kids for a family friendly weekend and have some fun if you are looking to do some bowling. There are games to play, food to try, and lots of parking right out in front of the bowling center.

Because of the pandemic REVS has been temporarily closed and it isn’t clear when it might open again. When it used to be running as usual you would often see it get busy on a Friday or Saturday night.

They used to have glow in the dark bowling that really attracted a lot of teens to enjoy the center and kids loved the bowling too. It is a great spot when going with a group or looking to celebrate a birthday. Companies also have parties here with employees as well for one reason or another. REVS bowling is a great place in Burnaby that is fun for those of all ages.

1. Deer Lake Park

Deer Lake Park in Burnaby is a beautiful area if you are looking to get out and enjoy the sunshine. When things get warmer and you are looking for a great park to visit then Deer Lake Park should make the top of the list. This is a beautiful area that has great scenery to offer, picnic areas, and some lakeside trails as well.

When you come to visit Deer Lake Park in Burnaby then you are going to want to leave a little bit of time to explore the area. This is one of the most beautiful places to see in Burnaby and will give you plenty of opportunity for taking great photos and seeing something natural and beautiful. There are washrooms available here and you can also find the Burnaby Art Gallery and other places nearby like the Burnaby Village Museum.

What to do at Deer Lake Park in Burnaby

When you are looking for a beautiful park space in the Burnaby region that is going to have good views then check out Deer Lake Park because it might offer something new to see. It’s a great place to come no matter if you are a tourist or local, there are many reasons to come to and enjoy Deer Lake Park in Burnaby.

It is easily one of the best places to see in Burnaby because of the natural beauty here. Not many other park spaces can compare and it is one of the biggest in Burnaby to plan a visit to. Bring a snack, bring your dog and go for a walk, have a picnic for lunch in the afternoon, you can find a lot to do here.

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