Yolks in Vancouver for Eggs Benedict Breakfast

Yolks in Vancouver Review

Yolks in Vancouver is one of the most popular breakfast places that you can visit. You will be sure to find great prices, great food, and a very chill atmosphere.

Yolks is a top breakfast choice if you are looking for a delicious breakfast or brunch spot while in Vancouver that you can enjoy.

Most of the times that I have been passing by Yolks, before the pandemic that is, it was always busy with a line-up to get in. Most of the tables were full and it was a place that by 10 in the morning was busy and bumping with people.

Find delivery, takeout, and indoor dine-in options when not restricted because of COVID-19.

2 Vancouver Yolks Locations to Find

There are two different Yolks locations in Vancouver, including the one on Hastings and the one on W Broadway. The original concept and restaurant for Yolks was so popular that they were able to move and expand, opening up another location altogether.

If you are craving eggs and coffee in the morning and want something better than the average fast food place, Yolks is where you head then for breakfast or brunch.

It’s a great family spot, place to sit with friends, or go on a date. You will even enjoy having breakfast on your own here or taking it to go.

Great Take-Out Breakfast Options At Yolks in Vancouver

They have you covered with many drink options like fresh juice, coffee, tea, hot chocolate that is house-made, and more. Get a caesar or bloody mary, mimosa with breakfast, or a breakfast sangria.

They’ve also got a tequila sunrise or a screwdriver. It’s not only a great breakfast or brunch spot but you can also count on great drinks as well. Not looking for an alcoholic beverage? Grab a smoothie then because they’ve got several kinds; try the peach, berry, or green Yolks smoothie.

What is good at Yolks in Vancouver?

You will find some of the best bennies here and poached eggs at Yolks. But there is a lot more than just eggs, with things like fried chicken on the menu, pork belly, or the Benedict bowl. One of my favorites to order is the crispy avocado which is panko crusted avocado that gets fried.

The Yolks Breakfast

This combo is my go-to favorite for breakfast because you can choose from scrambled eggs, poached, or tofu scramble, with a protein choice, and two sides. The truffle-lemon potatoes are going to have you coming back again and again. Looking for something a little different? They also have a very good granola parfait and some apple oatmeal.

Beignets are served at Yolks and that is reason enough for a visit. They’ve got all the comfort food favorites for brunch that you would want like french toast, pancakes, waffles, blueberry pancakes, chicken and waffles, and their lemon-berry crispy french toast might just send you over the edge.

Photo by The Castlebar on Pexels.com

Where to find eggs Benedict in Vancouver

When you are looking for restaurants in Vancouver that serve eggs Benedict then Yolks is a quick and easy answer. This is the best place in Vancouver to find that dish and there is a lot more to find on the menu than that. Of course B.C. announced changes to indoor dining though so you will need to look for pick-up options instead until those changes are reversed or expired.

Both locations for Yolks in Vancouver are easy to get to and it’s easy to order and pick-up your meal which is a lot more convenient sometimes than waiting in a busy line-up for a spot to sit down.

When you aren’t in the mood to eat-out with indoor dining then think about just picking it up instead for brunch. Yolks in Vancouver is a top restaurant spot that has got a great family menu too with food and drinks for the kids. With the kids menu it makes this a great family-friendly spot to think about going for breakfast or brunch. If you want quality and food that tastes just as good as home-cooked then Yolks in Vancouver is the answer.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This could possibly be where you find the best breakfast Vancouver has to offer. There are a wide variety of places but many of them just have the usual bacon, eggs, pancakes, and rarely do you find the quality that you do here with Yolks. You can tell that they care about quality because it shows in the food that gets made.

This place feels like a local gem, one that many tourists and others might not know about when visiting the region. It isn’t a big name franchise that you might see in other places and readily recognize.

If you are looking for a chill place for breakfast or brunch that has great service and food, and you’re craving eggs especially, then Yolks is what you should try. Don’t bother looking anywhere else for eggs Benedict in Vancouver because you don’t need to. Yolks has you covered. When you want to do brunch and want to do it right then Yolks is waiting for you.

Yolks restaurant hours have also recently changed and those changes will last until April 19th.

Now the Yolks restaurants in Vancouver are going to be open on weekdays 9-2 and on weekends still from 9-3, with the patio that has been open until 3pm daily. You can also check and get on the wait-list app through the website because they get very busy.

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  1. Maan, I miss eggs benedict! Even pre-pandemic it was hard to find. During lockdown, I once considered having it delivered but the restaurant is on the other side of town and there’s no way it would have arrived warm, much less hot.


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