Vancouver Ramen Places: 5 Great Ramen Restaurants to Try

There are tons of ramen places Vancouver has to offer if you are looking for a delicious meal. There are affordable places, high-end ramen options, authentic and drool-worthy ramen options. You can get the spice, get the egg, or even get the vegan option if you want. There is something for everyone in the ramen scene in Vancouver and if you are a ramen fan like me then you will not find a shortage of ramen options when you go looking for somewhere to eat. And now is the best time to be supporting local small businesses that need it the most.

5 of the best ramen restaurants in Vancouver that you should try the next time you are craving something warm, delicious, and like a bowl of ramen like you’ve never had before. Think you like ramen in a bowl of noodles, cup, or package made from home? Try these places and then you’ll really have a craving for ramen.

These are some of my favorite ramen places in Vancouver right now in no particular order of favorite, just some top spots in the ramen world that I have had the pleasure to try and would definitely try again.

1. JINYA Ramen Bar Vancouver

Photo by Maksim Goncharenok on Pexels.com

JINYA Ramen Bar in Vancouver is one of the top places to go and have a bite to eat it you are looking for something delicious. When craving some hot ramen you need to visit JINYA Ramen bar and you can take it for takeout or delivery too. For Ramen they have the Flying Vegan Harvest option, or the delicious JINYA Tonkotsu black option with the most amazing broth you have ever tried in your life.

Looking for spice? I would land on the Spicy Chicken Ramen at the JINYA Ramen Bar for lunch or dinner. Craving that egg? Get the Slurp Up Cilantro and I am drooling right now just thinking about it. This is by far one of the best ramen places in Vancouver if you are looking for some really authentic and delicious ramen to try.

If you are a meat-eater then try out the Shrimp Wonton Ramen, the Wonton Chicken Ramen, or stay vegan with the Spicy Creamy Vegan Ramen. They have something for everyone and it is truly delicious. You cannot go wrong when looking at their menu for lunch or dinner. It’s great takeout and you can save it for lunch or dinner later too if you don’t finish it all in one meal.

2. Benkei Ramen Noodle Shop

bowl of ramen from pixabay/not a pic of actual restaurant’s food

If you are looking for a great Japanese Ramen Shop then head on over to Benkei Ramen Noodle Shop in Vancouver for a good lunch. It is also easy to order with Uber Eats if you want to just stay in for the afternoon and get a hot lunch delivered that way. You can stay socially distanced while still supporting your favorite restaurants and if you haven’t tried yet then you shouldn’t miss out on Benkei Ramen Noodle Shop.

They literally have perfected the art of ramen and you can get one of the most perfect bowls of ramen in Vancouver here. It tastes so good and you can tell a lot of care went into the making, it tastes like it was ramen made from scratch. And you can’t find or get that anywhere. If you want spectcular broth, you need some ramen from Benkei Ramen Noodle Shop, and you will not be let down. It’s also good for a dinner option too because they’re open past 6pm.

Bento Box Places in Vancouver

You can find some great bento box options here at Benkei Ramen Noodle Shop. Try the Ramen gyoza bento to get both, where you get the gyoza along with some corn salad, pickled cabbage, kimchi, ramen egg and rice, and the bean sprouts too with spicy pork. They’ve got Spicy Calamari Kimchi, Japanese Sweet Omelette, and other choices. The prices are great too and affordable for a great tasting ramen meal. There are also the vegan options here too if you aren’t eating any meat. Check out their menu because it is loaded with delicious options.

3. Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

Photo by JAN N G U Y E N ud83cudf41 on Pexels.com (food not from restaurant mentioned)

Want handmade noodles? Good broth? Ramen that tastes like it was homemade and just made? Well that’s what you find at Hokkaido Ramen Santouka in Vancouver. If you want good ramen places in Vancouver then Hokkaido Ramen Santouka is one of them. Just check out the menu for yourself and see the variety that they are offering. The ramen alone is one of the top 5 bowls of ramen that I have ever had. Their specialty? That’s said to be the white tonkotsu soup although I haven’t tried that one yet.

There are several locations for this ramen restaurant in Vancouver if you are looking for a good place for lunch or dinner. They’ve got good hours too so it is perfect for a late night snack. You can get delivery and takeout options as well, with apps like Skip the Dishes or Door Dash.

If you are on Robson and visiting this location then check out the Shio Ramen or the Miso Ramen because those are two really great options. The miso ramen one has a soybean paste flavor to it and the Shio Ramen has a mild salt flavor. If you are someone who likes the soy sauce then you might prefer the Shoyu Ramen bowl instead. This is one of the most affordable ramen places and you really are getting top quality ramen here. There is delicious quality flavor and a good portion serving too. Find rice bowls, some appetizers, and combo choices, but mostly you come for the good ramen.

4. Horin Ramen + Sake

ramen from pixabay/not a pic of restaurant’s food

This is a delicious ramen Japanese restaurant that makes fantastic ramen meals. They’re located on Robson street in Vancouver and offer great delivery options with Door Dash and Uber Eats and also takeout too if you’re nearby or it is convenient to go by and pick it up. It is the perfect location for lunch or dinner when you want a really good warm meal.

The Ajitama Ramen is a favorite because of the boiled egg. Ramen without a boiled egg just isn’t the same for me. But then there is also the very delicious Kikurage mushroom ramen too that is perfect for any true mushroom lover like myself.

What you get here is quality and that is evident from start to finish. If you want good ramen you cannot go wrong with this ramen spot in Vancouver so you should add it to your list.

5. The Ramen Butcher

Photo by Min An on Pexels.com/not a pic of restaurant’s food

The Ramen Butcher on Georgia in Vancouver is a great ramen restaurant to try. If you are looking to stay local and support small then this is a fantastic ramen place to go with. They have the convenient options of takeout and delivery too if you are looking to just stay in at home and eat your ramen there rather than going out to eat.

It’s a casual spot that has some really great ramen choices like their Red Spicy Ramen or Black Garlic Ramen which is my favorite. They also have a delicious Green Basil Ramen, Orange Miso, and Coconut Curry Ramen. There is so much flavor here you might not even know where to start.

You might end up ordering two bowls and just saving one for later, it’s worth it.

You get that boiled egg option in several, and some great seaweed too. The broth tastes fresh, you can taste the quality, and for me the broth was unlike anything from the store I have tried before. I didn’t know ramen truly until I tried this sort of ramen and now it is all I prefer when I want to have some hot ramen for lunch. Get your flavor and get some broth perfection at The Ramen Butcher in Vancouver when you’re craving some ramen.

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