Survey Showing Canadians Support is Split for National Lockdown

In B.C. we are said to be reaching a threshold where we will not have enough room or people to care for the patients that might need help. The variants have been causing rising rates of cases, accounting for more in B.C. now, and that has prompted a recent lockdown again for indoor dining restrictions and other activities.

Some are surprised, others are confused and stressed, many are willing to do whatever they can to help even if it means staying home as much as possible.

In general, how supportive are Canadians of the lockdown this year?

One recent Global News poll showed that it’s pretty much a mixed bag, with support split on both sides, it’s almost evenly divided as far as who is in support and who is not in support of another lockdown not only in B.C. but across the nation.

Global News poll shows majority are not in favor, with 56.6 percent so far out of 8,158 votes saying they are not in support.

The other almost half, 43.4 percent say that they are in support of a national lockdown to try and calm those rising case numbers that we are seeing now.

Vaccines have already rolled out, about 4 million Canadians have been vaccinated. They’re up to vaccinating about 100k people each day. But there are issues with variants and concerns about how effective those vaccines might be in the long term.

Health experts are advocating still that available vaccines go to essential workers, as well as younger Canadians, to try and stop the spread of the disease and put a dent in the rise of variants in the region.

Canada is now said to be in its third wave and there are various new restrictions being announced from B.C. to Ontario in regards to social gatherings and daily activities. Depending on how bad it gets with cases rising we could see a national lockdown.

For those who are working from home and who are doing essential work, it is going to be a lot easier for them to lockdown their lives than it would for those who will be missing money that they need to pay their bills. It isn’t as easy of a choice to make when it might mean someone losing their home, or suffering by a deteriorated standard of living because they’ve lost their business or job.

The country has already suffered so much since last year and things were starting to look better for the BC reopening, like we might have a much better summer, but now variants are throwing a wrench into those plans. Restaurants around the country are still suffering and in need of desperate help and with the new restrictions to indoor dining they once again have to try and struggle to survive.

But with hospitals around the country issuing warnings because they are reaching capacity we might have no other choice.

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