Finding Great B.C. Summer Camps

B.C. has a lot of great summer camps for kids, some are a little more expensive than others. You can find a great variety for whatever you might be looking for, which could be biking, swimming, riding, sports, or something else for the kids to focus on.

Popular B.C. summer camps include names like Timberline Ranch, Outward Bound Canada, Pedalheads Bike, Swim, and Sport, Block 8 Academy, Camp Qwanoes, and others. Some of these are going to be overnight camp options, family camps, just for kids, or day camps etc, there is much to choose from. Though COVID-19 has changed some of the procedures in every industry today, and might have drastically changed camping plans last year, this year could look a lot different.

There are already many camp activities planned for this summer and those which are also supposed to take place this spring like the Pedalheads Bike, Swim, and Sport camp, YMCA Camp Elphinstone, InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Pacific, and others.

Find B.C. Camp Reviews for Summer Camps

You can find many different reviews, photos, videos, and other content online, from people who have shared their own camp experiences. Look through social media and get a feel for that camp by browsing their pages and seeing what sort of activities they offer. This can help you to narrow in on what camp you might like to choose to go with.

Price could be another factor, or simply location. Time could be something else that plays a role as well seeing as there are a variety of different day camps, overnight camps, and other styles. You might want your children to only focus on sports, or camping and wilderness activities, there is a little something for everyone. There are even Bible camps to be found just as well.

You can find all girl camps or all boy camps, family camps, and a variety of options so that you can carve out a summer that works best for your family and its own schedule. The wide variety of programs makes camping in B.C. very flexible. There are all sorts of specialized camps in B.C., traditional camps, religious camps, and something for everyone here.

Photo by Sangeet Rao on Pexels.com

Making Reservations for a Camp Site In B.C.

The tool that enables you to make reservations at camp locations around B.C. is already open and you are allowed to book at least 2 months ahead of time. It’s expected to be a record breaking camping year in B.C. and so you might want to book soon if you are looking to make that vacation close to home.

However, things might change and those activities could be restricted if the 3rd wave gets worse and more cases rise.

Right now changes have already been made for religious gatherings and some dining services indoors etc, who knows what more might come soon with things changing each day.

What we know right now is that variants are rising and they are accounting for more cases in B.C., those in the region are restricted from non-essential travel.

People are still able to get outdoors though and go for a walk or stay within their own close circles, those in their homes who they live with. Restaurants have to close up for indoor dining again and some physical activity classes are also being cancelled.

Polls have surveyed how people feel about another lockdown and it seems rather split in how those in Canada might feel on that. One recent poll suggested that about 56+ percent agree that there should not be another lockdown, but close to that, 43+ percent disagreed and would support a lockdown. B.C. is in the 3rd wave right now when it had been on its way to a reopening and things were sounding very positive for the summer.

There are some big events expected to take place this summer, like the Richmond Night Market 2021, and a busy camping season on top of that, but who knows what might be changed within the next few weeks.

Ontario has just recently gone into their own multi-week lockdown, and Whistler has closed as well for several weeks. This comes after restaurants had just been starting to get busy again as people went out to enjoy the warmer spring weather, patios around Vancouver and other areas were filling up.

B.C. Camp Review

I went to several YMCA camps when I was younger and YMCA Camp Elphinstone was one of my most memorable experiences. But not everyone wants to travel far or is going to be able to travel far for camp activities this summer.

As far as what camp I remember best though or would recommend, it might be Camp Elphinstone because I found that this B.C. camp was fun, safe, educational, and one of the best camp memories that I have.

Will there be camping in 2021?

Right now people in B.C. are encouraged to stay close to home and stay in their own communities. This is to help prevent the spread of the disease and decrease cases that are ending up in the hospital.

Some hospitals have indicated that they are nearing capacity and there is concern enough that overflow stations might start being set up with extra beds to try and help the situation. Things might change within a month or two though if the situation gets better with hospitals getting more of a hold on the rising rates of variants and cases in the region that keep coming in.

For now though it’s time to bunker down, stay safe and distanced, avoid non-essential travel, and try to be patient while we navigate the 3rd wave in B.C.

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