Pizza Place Opts to Give Away Free Food Amid Province Shutdown

B.C. just recently announced some changes again to daily life in the region because of COVID-19. There have been changes to indoor dining, travel, physical activity classes, and in-person religious services coming up.

The news came to many as a surprise even though it was obvious that variants were spreading in the region and accounting for a higher number of cases right now in B.C., especially with young people.

The restaurant industry has been hard hit by the pandemic and small businesses in our communities need us now more than ever to show our support and try to help them survive.

One of those businesses is a pizza company in Kelowna that has decided to give away some free food as the province now makes changes to close up again for indoor dining and more.

They want to give back to their community in B.C.

DunnEnzies Pizza Co have been making soups and take home meals for anyone in need in the community, they’ve got a lot of excess ingredients now because of the closure again. They don’t want to see that food go to waste so they have posted online to encourage people to come and get some if they need.

The food that would’ve been used to create dishes for customers engaged in indoor dining, which is now further restricted in B.C., is going instead to make meals and soups and they will be given away free of charge to those in the area who are in need of some help right now. Through the pandemic many families and individuals have been suffering trying to get by, with B.C. being one of the provinces with the highest cost of living for millions.

Giving Back to Those in Need

Food banks around the world have seen a rapid surge in use for their services and it is putting a lot of pressure on charities and other organizations to try and fill that void. They are having a hard time being able to meet that need for those people, there is still a lot of suffering and many who are struggling to get by.

Luckily, there are many great companies, like DunnEnzies, and organizations out there, who are willing to offer that act of kindness, and who are working to help their communities going during this difficult time but still more is needed.

We saw it happen last year during COVID-19 when some went to give away food rather than see it spoil and now there are likely to be others doing it now because of the recently announced changes.

This is a great way for businesses to make use of their products that would’ve otherwise have gone to waste; give it away to those in need.

Making lemonade with lemons

Those behind the move to give away the free meals to those in Kelowna say that they are looking to make lemonade with lemons and do something positive to turn this upsetting news around. This act of kindness in giving away that surplus that would have just gone to the trash bin is going to be helping others and strengthening the community as a result of their kind and positive actions to help others.

It has already inspired others in the community to already think about what they can do to help as well.

There are charities all over B.C. that are in desperate need of resources these days. They could use any help that people in the community would be willing to give them, be it clothing, food, toys, anything that they’d like to pay forward to help someone else during a difficult time.

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