Gardens in Vancouver That are Worth the Visit

Now that spring is here and it is starting to get warmer outside it could be a great time to visit any garden space in the community.

There are thousands of different garden spaces around B.C. to visit. It could be a larger botanical garden space that you pay to visit or a free community garden that might grow vegetables.

There are many schools that have also set up their own garden spaces and vegetable growing patches. It is easy to find one in your own community no matter where you might be in B.C.

Spending time outside and near the garden and plants can be a great way to unwind from the chaos, to settle down, to find a little bit of peace and happiness. Not only that but making a trip to the garden is also just a good excuse to get outside.

Top Gardens in Vancouver

There are a variety of top gardens in Vancouver if you are looking to visit by yourself or with someone you know. Whether you are looking for a classical Chinese garden space, an open area like Stanley Park and their rose garden, or something over by the beach like the rose garden at UBC, there are many choices. When you are looking for top gardens in Vancouver it is true that there is no shortage.

You can find many gardens in Vancouver including the popular VanDusen Botanical Garden, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, Stanley Park Rose Garden, Bloedel Conservatory, Queen Elizabeth Park, Rose Garden of Queen Elizabeth Park.

Aside from these top gardens in Vancouver there is also the Park & Tilford Gardens located in North Vancouver, this is another popular garden to visit if you want to see some beautiful plants and flowers during spring or summer. Some of these garden spaces are going to require tickets and for others all you might need to pay for is parking.

There is no shortage of spectacular garden sights to take in when you are visiting Vancouver. It is a great place to plan a day if you are with family or friends, looking to have a coffee, or see something relaxing and breathtaking all at the same time.

Getting outside can be good for us and spending time in nature can help us to find that center again when life gets too busy. We can unplug and get outside and get back to basics, find something simple yet marvelously unique to become fully embraced by.

When looking for a little bit of peace and calm sometimes many find it in the garden and B.C. has many gardens to find and explore. If you are like me then you might find that the garden is your happy place.

Looking for top Gardens in Vancouver and other parts of B.C. ? You won’t run out of options because there are many different ones to visit.

One of the best gardens in Vancouver that I would recommend starting with is the VanDusen Botanical Garden. They have different events that go on during the year and it always looks festive during the holidays, but during COVID-19 of course things have changed a bit. They’ve still had some limited showings to the garden though and offered the chance to get tickets online.

If you want to visit then you can book and pay ahead online for a timed visit for one like VanDusen Botanical garden. They’ve usually got a cafe in the area too as well as a restaurant that makes it a lot easier to eat.

But changes to indoor dining have again just recently been announced in B.C., so things won’t be like you might normally expect when going out to visit places like that.

Gardening is a great activity that can bring a lot of new green exposure into your life, and also expose you to new plants and things that you have never seen before. Research has previously suggested that gardens might be beneficial to our mental and physical health more than we know. But for those who garden on the regular they might already affirm this and be well aware of the benefits, especially after spending time in the garden for decades.

There are researchers who have even recommended that health professionals encourage people to garden with what space they might have because of the benefits they believe are available.

When we get very stressed by everything around us and all of the noise and gadgets, sometimes taking a little time away from that can be a good thing and gives us the chance to get back and connect with nature.

There are many top gardens in Vancouver that have beautiful spaces to explore and it is still easy to stay socially distanced and safe while you do it. These offer great opportunities to see the city, your own community, and the beautiful plants that are being nurtured there.

You might be surprised to find out how much beauty there is in your very own city.

B.C. is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and there are many top gardens in Vancouver and around the B.C. region to visit if you are looking to get out and explore something new.

Anyone going out though is still encouraged to social distance personal bubbles, stay in their own communities, and try to avoid non-essential travel.

For many who cannot go to normal physical activity classes and gyms etc, getting out for a walk to the local garden might be their own opportunity to really get some good exercise and time outside. Last year many people turned to garden spaces and a walk in their nearby forest to try and get some outside time and a change of pace.

Going to a garden at certain times might also be a little less crowded then going to other areas that might be more filled with people also looking to get out in the good weather these days.

Visiting a garden in Vancouver is a great way to spend some time alone, or with close friends and family, but also stay distanced too. It gives that chance to get that time outside and be active but also support companies in the community as well, like those running the botanical gardens and other garden spaces in Vancouver as well.

Some garden spaces in Vancouver are temporarily closed, like Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in Vancouver, but there are others that have been open for limited hours during the pandemic. For other smaller gardens in communities around B.C. it might be cheaper and easier to visit those ones than to make a visit anywhere else.

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