The Good In Spending Time Outdoors

It has been found that Canadians have previously been too busy to go outside and play. They’re either too busy or too lazy, with many of us spending a lot of time on the couch or sitting down. There are millions who aren’t getting enough active time or outdoor play and it could impact other areas.

Spending a little bit of time outdoors here and there can have a greater impact than we might realize, it could bring more value than what we just readily see while walking.

During the pandemic, millions of people have taken to walking outdoors to try and combat some of the stress that they’ve been feeling. Or as a remedy to the anxiety that they’ve been feeling, that’s what some surveys have found when they asked Canadians what their motivations were for going outdoors.

Under a newer evidence-based nature prescription program in Canada, it’s also been suggested that people might start getting actual nature prescriptions from their doctor. A script telling them to go outside and play, go spend time outdoors and enjoy nature.

That program is known as the PARX program and might seem funny to some but there is a lot of evidence to support the connection between time spent in nature and overall well-being.

Studies have shown that spending a little time in nature might potentially help to bring out the best in people. Researchers say that there is a strong connection between the time that we might spend with nature and out own happiness and that might be motivation enough for some to get outside.

When the pandemic hit many people were prevented from going to their usual activity classes or doing things that they might normally do. For millions the most that you could do was just go for a hike or a walk if you wanted to get outside. If you wanted to see something different than the inside of the grocery store.

B.C. is great for that because there are so many areas to go hiking and go for a walk, many lakes and rivers, beautiful scenery to observe while outside enjoying time outdoors. But still, many Canadians just don’t do it they aren’t spending that much time outdoors.

Previous investigations have found that Canadians might spend less than 5 minutes per day outside and much more time staring at a screen during the day. Overall during the week it has been found that Canadians might spend less than 2 hours outside.

But things might be changing and perhaps we can thank the pandemic for that a little bit. People have altered their physical habits and are spending a bit more time outdoors.

Recent polls have found that more than 90 percent of people are crediting spending time outdoors with helping them to get through the pandemic altogether.

We have seen this not just in Canada, but around the world people have turned back to their connection with nature to help bring them some peace and calm during the COVID-19 storm that came through last year. Still today as there is a lot of uncertainty around the world with the economy and COVID-19 still etc, habits are changing with more people spending time outdoors and making that connection for themselves.

That might mean doing more activities close to home, getting to know little hidden hiking areas and hills around your own community, it’s help bringing people together and bringing people outdoors. It offers an option for those who have been trying to find something positive that can bring them some joy during a difficult time and for many it’s doing a lot more than that.

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