Going Back and Forth on Pandemic Rules Causing Confusion and Frustration

B.C. has already been underway with its reopening plans for some time now. We have been told that a new normal is coming sometime this year, perhaps by summer. Then we got word that things were going in the opposite direction and now new restrictions have been announced.

The changes in COVID-19 rules to indoor activities and other social engagement has been causing a bit of confusion, anger, and anxiety. With the back and forth message it can be difficult for people to keep up and to understand with what they should be doing right now.

Of course there are going to be many who are disappointed with the new restrictions, especially when spring is here and the weather is starting to get warmer out. People want to go out and enjoy the sunshine they want to picnic in the park, go to the lake or beach, have lunch outside on the patio.

Now things are going to be changing for a few weeks and we aren’t sure if those restrictions will be later extended and we could face another lock down this summer if that happens.

It might not be as severe as what we had last year but for now non-essential travel is still prohibited and we’re encouraged to stay in our own communities, stay home when possible, social distance, and continue to keep up with safety measures like masks and more.

Some say that the government acted too slow to the variants that were growing as a threat in the region. That maybe this new restriction to daily life is too little to late to really make a difference. But all they can do is try to navigate this problem safely for us all. Right now the variants are causing more of a problem for younger people, with hospitalizations growing and variants accounting for a larger number of cases.

Now, health officials warn, is not the time to get complacent with distancing or masks.

There was no real warning given for these changes and no one could have guessed really that this was coming. Not after there had been optimistic discussion in recent weeks about that new normal and things starting to look better. The announcement came as a shock to many, and probably a great deal of those in the restaurant or fitness community that again now have to close their doors to a lot of business.

The changes to talking about non-essential travel and indoor religious services right ahead of Easter are causing a lot of confusion. This is because changes were just recently made to religious services to make more allowances for the Easter celebration, but religious leaders apparently knew that this could’ve been changed at the last minute. There were going to be some limited allowances for indoor services but now they cannot look forward to that any longer. It has also been reiterated to the public that they should avoid travel if it is non-essential right now. That means not driving up to a mountain for a ski vacation on the weekend, that is not going to be deemed essential travel.

Those in British Columbia are encouraged to stay in their own communities still at this time to help slow the rise of variants we are seeing.

Dr. Bonnie Henry has specifically pointed the finger at travel as a great contributor to the spread of the disease and so non-essential travel should be avoided right now.

Restaurants have been struggling severely since last year when the pandemic hit and now they are going to have to go through it once again, closing their doors for indoor dining services just when things were starting to really turn around with the weather getting nicer.

There isn’t much time left in the ski season so the announcement of Whistler closing was a shock to many and sad news to take in for those who wanted to be up there taking advantage of their season pass. They’ve indicated on their social media that they hope this will only be something that is temporary and that they hope to reopen in several weeks to finish out the season.

B.C. is said to be going through the 3rd wave right now and patience has been encouraged for all British Columbians to ride this out as safety as possible. Being patient is all we can do while changes surrounding COVID-19 continue to go back and forth as officials try to navigate their way through this problem.

One of the hardest things to take care of and deal with going through all of this, is trying to get everyone the same information so that they can adjust their actions accordingly. If those making the restriction changes can get that information out efficiently, or prepare people for those changes that might be coming with some sort of warning ahead of time, then that information might likely be better received.

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