Temporary Stop to Indoor Dining in B.C. Announced

B.C. Officials have just recently introduced some COVID-19 restrictions again, halting indoor dining at restaurants and indoor fitness activities too.

Hospitalizations over COVID-19 have been increasing for younger people lately because of variants and the concern over rising rates right now is a major issue. With roughly 2,518 new cases over the weekend, in B.C. right now they are reportedly seeing higher rates than they were at the highest point of the 2nd wave, the highest they’ve seen since late November.

The new rules are expected to go into effect Monday night at midnight

The rules are going to last until April 19th at least. The effort is meant to try and stop the spread of COVID-19 right now as hospitalizations have been increasing for younger people recently. They are stopping indoor adult fitness groups of any kind for that period, along with the dining activities.

Photo by Sydney Troxell on Pexels.com

This is another punch to the gut for restaurants that are still struggling during the pandemic and trying to get back on their feet from being severely restricted for over a year now in how they can do business. From capacity limits to restrictions on indoor dining, not all of those restaurants have been ready to switch to online sales. For those that have not made that switch it might meant that their business goes under entirely.

There are still thousands of businesses in B.C. that are struggling and waiting eagerly for the COVID-19 restrictions to be eased and new normal to begin.

B.C. officials are saying that these settings of indoor fitness groups and dining are what boosts or amplifies the spread of the disease and so that is they they’re looking to introduce these restrictions now. It comes just after they recently indicated that we might see a new normal by summer and that in the weeks to come the COVID-19 restrictions might continue to be potentially eased off. But now we are seeing the opposite of that with these new rules introduced.

Whistler Closed Due to Spike in COVID Cases

Just recently Whistler Blackcomb temporarily decided to close because of the recent spike in COVID-19 cases in B.C. within the resort community.

As the weather has gotten better it has meant people planning more trips and going out more, the ski season has also been getting busier with more looking to hit the mountain after such a long lock down last year. Now, we have seen in B.C. that the variants are impacting more younger people that are now being hospitalized and representing a growing number of cases.

Whistler is expected to continue to stay closed temporarily until at least April 19th.

B.C. officials have indicated that right now they are facing a very challenging time and they are moving slowly through their BC reopening plans. They want to make sure that they do not open too quickly when they aren’t ready yet.

Still, there are many businesses waiting to get that green light, and people eager to get back to a more normal routine of socializing. It cannot seem to come soon enough. Restaurants have been through so much pain throughout this pandemic and one of the hardest hit industries right now, this is just going to make it harder for your own small local community restaurants to try and get by.

These changes recently announced are supposed to be temporary but who knows if they might be extended in the weeks to come in B.C. For now, social distancing is still encouraged, along with other safety measures. As well, people are also being urged to stick with their close group of 10 people. Non-essential travel is still not permitted and other restrictions to religious services have also been announced.

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