Casino Workers Share Stories Of How COVID-19 Has Impacted Their Lives

A group which represents thousands of casino workers recently produced and released a video that shows the stories of casino workers in the province and how the pandemic has impacted their lives.

In British Columbia casinos are still closed around the region and officials have indicated that they are lower on the list of priorities when it comes to reopening and easing COVID-19 restrictions on business.

It is easy to call for closures and extended lock downs when your own income hasn’t been impacted by the pandemic.

When you are able to pay your rent and your food, other bills, and not worry about ending up on the street because you aren’t able to work. That is the pressure that so many Canadians have faced and still continue to stress about, when things might return more to a new normal for them.

Let’s hear from some of the people who have been hurt the most in B.C.

Some of those in the B.C. region are casino workers who have been the hardest hit from the pandemic.

Whether you frequent casinos or not, there are many for who it is their daily routine and way they make a living. Casinos might not be a venue you frequent, or think are important enough to prioritize bringing back and reopening, but for many families it is their top priority.

They are left suffering wondering when they might be able to earn a living again.

In the video they share their stories about how they have been unable to reopen. Many of those casino workers have been out of work for over a year now. They’ve done this as a campaign to remind the government and the public as well, that these are individuals who are still feeling the pain from the pandemic.

Some out there might not care about casinos, or think that they’re important enough to talk about reopening right now, but for those workers it is their livelihood and so it means a great deal more to them.

It might be easy to support the closure of something that you personally don’t value or use, but that becomes a lot more more difficult of a decision to make when the business still closed has been paying for the food on your table.

The group also reportedly come up with recommendations for the government to take into consideration, in an effort to support this industry in B.C. again and help bring them back to a new normal of business.

The BC Reopening and New Normal Ahead

B.C. is already well underway with its plans for a reopening and has suggested that we might see a ‘new normal’ sometime later this year if things keep going according to plan.

If they don’t see the pandemic take a turn for the worse, with regards to variants etc, then it could be by summer they make more announcements of COVID-19 restrictions being eased.

It isn’t known if that is going to include casinos at this time though. They’ve recently made temporary changes to indoor church services and outdoor gatherings, so it’s clear that things are already looking better at this time than they did last year.

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