B.C. Brewery Community Trying to Get More Women in the Industry

There are a large number of breweries around the lower mainland and B.C. today. This is an industry that has been growing for years not only in Canada but in other areas as well. When we look at the market we find that there aren’t many women who work in the industry yet and there are a variety of efforts that have been made to try and change that.

For starters, one brewery is looking to donate profits from a special batch of beer that can help get more women working in the business.

The North Vancouver company, Black Kettle Brewing Co., are the ones who have come up with a special beer that they will be donating $1 from every pint to a society that gives away scholarships to women.

They’re hoping that this can help some women from B.C. who might be interested in getting more into the brewing industry, to get the help that they need to see that dream realized. Or it might just encourage some to start thinking about it if they haven’t considered that career path before.

Another effort that has also been put together is that like the BC Ale Trail which has sought to highlight and celebrate women in the craft industry too. Another is the Pink Boots Society that also looks to encourage females in the craft beer industry.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Women play an important role in this market, they are the ones who have been credited with jump starting the craft beer tradition altogether.

Though there might be more male drinkers than females today who enjoy craft beers, women have been known to spend more per visit when they go to a brewery. They’ve successfully helped to reinvent how beer looks and tastes, giving it an entirely new audience.

The recent drink that is going to be used to help celebrate women working in the industry in B.C. is going to help benefit The Pink Books Society. For every drink that gets sold at least $1 will go towards that society and help to give scholarships to women who are interested in working in the industry and making beer.

The celebratory batch of craft beer should be ready in a couple of weeks from now.

Photo by ELEVATE on Pexels.com

It isn’t only women who played a big roll in the craft beer scene but also home-brewers as well that helped the market grow. They’re credited with helping to fuel the trend because this method of working at home on a small scale offers a lot more flexibility for the individual to tinker with flavors and recipes.

During the pandemic though there are some breweries who suffered closures and for a few that meant they wouldn’t be opening their doors again. Those that have reportedly been hit the hardest are the ones that highly rely on tasting room and keg sales. These are the hardest hit because they’ve been unable to tap into that market of customers and they’ve consequently seen a deep dive in sales as a result.

But while some might have been struggling before COVID-19 came, having an even harder time making it through, and others who closed for good, there are a few who just got their start last year.

The BC brewing industry is going to survive and grow stronger by bringing more talented females into the mix, many of those working in the industry are already doing what they can to make sure of that. It might be a prospect that many females have not considered yet or even know where to start if they want to get involved. These are the resources that can help them get connected to those answers, through those communities that are looking to help give women that education.

Pick-up and deliveries are what helped to keep many breweries alive last year all through the pandemic. Now they can only wait for more COVID-19 restrictions to be eased in the coming months to give them even more of a needed boost of getting back to business as normal.

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