B.C. Premier Confident We Are On The Right Track

Just recently, on March 17th B.C. Premier John Horgan stated that he was confident that we were on the right track. But the variant rates are rising in B.C. with younger people accounting for a higher number of those hospitalizations.

With cases growing, some wonder if it’s a good idea that B.C. has eased some of those restrictions surrounding COVID-19. But officials have recently indicated that we might see a new normal sometime this year, perhaps even by summer if things stay going according to plan.

B.C. recently made changes to outdoor gatherings that had been severely restricted during the pandemic. It is also expected that they might soon make more changes to indoor gatherings as well, like Church services. But they aren’t going to make those moves likely if things get much worse.

Already, more than 4 million Canadians have been vaccinated.

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They are busy now vaccinating at least 100k people daily. For those who are open to getting the COVID-19 vaccine they’ve already received their first round of vaccines.

3 out of 4 Canadians have indicated that they are planning to get the COVID-19 vaccine when they can.

Along with those variants spreading, rules easing, and weather warming up and people wanting to go out, some think it could be a recipe for disaster in B.C.

Restrictions are being removed despite the spreading of the variants and that has some worried that things could take a turn for the worse. For now we don’t see that new restrictions might come back though, it seems we are slowly moving forward with the hope that the new normal will arise in the next few months.

People have been longing to get outside, get back with friends and family that they’ve missed for months, and they’re told just keep waiting a few more weeks and then months. But things are sounding better this year than they were last year, a lot more optimism from officials with the BC reopening underway.

Recent B.C. Changes to Indoor Religious Services

Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels.com

In B.C. they are going to temporarily allow limited gatherings for indoor services to make exceptions for the upcoming Easter holiday. Faith leaders are able to choose several days, at least 4, that are all within an approved 6 week time frame that they can hold services.

This means that indoor church services in B.C. will be permitted between March 28th and May 13th, whereas they were currently restricted to outdoor gatherings.

The faith leaders would need to choose their days from within that 6 weeks that they want to hold their church services. As well, there will be restrictions on guests with only 50 people allowed to attend, or only 10 percent capacity; whichever is less.

As for other COVID-19 related restrictions, B.C. officials have indicated that there won’t be any time limits on those religious services. This has been seen as a significant step in the direction toward that BC reopening that is underway.

Though the move might only be temporary, it might not be that much longer before more similar announcements are made. We’ve been told to be patient and if things go according to their plans we could see the BC reopening continue doing well and see that officials are ready for more of a new normal and easing of those restrictions by summer.

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