Review of Freshslice Pizza Gluten-free Cauliflower Crust

FreshSlice Pizza started offering a gluten-free crust several years ago on the menu. This is one of the best and most popular pizza chains in B.C. for those who haven’t tried it yet. They also have more than just regular pizza. Now, for those who do not want to go with a regular crust for their pizza then there is the gluten-free, cauliflower crust option on the menu.

This is the pizza that you see pictured here. You also see regular bread sticks from Freshslice pizza as well.

Does fresh slice have gluten-free pizza? The answer is yes and there are a variety of options to try when you are ordering that gluten-free pizza. The Freshslice gluten free pizza is made with tapioca starch and does not have any wheat. The gluten-free pizza also has quinoa flour and oregano, but it is not clear how many carbs per slice it might be, or other nutritional information.

For anyone who might be looking for an alternative crust option though, Freshslice is there for you with the gluten-free cauliflower crust pizza. There are a growing number of cauliflower crusts coming to the stores and pizza market for alternative crust choices, it’s great to see that Freshslice has also come out with their own adoption of a cauliflower alternative.

But it doesn’t stop there because you can get more for your cravings than just pizza of course. From gluten-free chicken wings to brownies, drinks and other options, Freshslice pizza has come up with a variety of menu options. This makes them highly convenient to go to when you’ve got any pizza night cravings.

They have also got sales by the slice too, if you are just craving one single slice of pizza. This is great even when you are just walking by and you smell that pizza smell and you start craving some but you do not want an entire pie, well Freshslice pizza offers just pizza by the slice too. Even when you order through delivery on the app.

This works out great when you need something fast and that is also convenient, not only that but you also get a win with the gluten-free cauliflower crust too. How was the gluten-free cauliflower pizza from Freshslice pizza? I have to say that it tastes better than many other gluten-free pizzas that I have tried in the past, most of them store-bought. This one tasted very similar to a thin crust that you might order from any pizza location, and now many popular pizza joints are offering thin crust pizza options.

Freshslice pizza is a growing company that started more than 20 years ago and has already grown to have more than 70 franchise locations so far in Canada. You can find Freshslice pizza in areas like Vancouver, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Burnaby, and other regions.

Do They Have Low Carb Pizza At Fresh Slice?
I like to try and keep my pizza options low carb when I can so I look for that on the menu. For those looking for low carb pizzas in Vancouver they also might want to turn to Freshslice pizza in order to try the gluten-free caulflower crust option. These pizzas are likely to contain less carbs than a traditional pizza would that is using wheat instead of non-wheat ingredients.

However, sometimes extra carbs can be added in later with other ingredients and there are cauliflower crust options on the market that have been high carb in comparison to their competition. But not everyone cares about the carbs, some just want a different crust option where they can get more veggies, with cauliflower, or gluten-free because they’re following a gluten-free food approach.

Either way, Freshslice pizza has you covered with their own gluten-free cauliflower pizza crust that you can get in traditional options like pepperoni and more.

Alternative pizza option: Gluten-Free Pizza Crust From Freshslice Pizza

The gluten-free cauliflower pizza contains no wheat in the mix. This pizza crust is made with only other ingredients like the rice flour, tapioca flour, and oregano.

The oregano is a unique addition to the cauliflower combination and it does give it an interesting flavor. The crust is crispy, fresh, has flakiness, and could compete with any thin-crust option.

Verdict? It Tasted Great

With this different crust you also get that extra bang of veggies with the cauliflower in the crust too, this might be a preference for some for that reason alone.

The gluten-free cauliflower crust is a great option when looking to find something gluten-free for lunch or dinner but they do note that with those gluten-free options for pizza that they cannot guarantee a completely gluten-free environment.

One of B.C.’s Fastest Growing Franchises

Freshslice Pizza is one of the best and easiest pizza places to try in Vancouver because it has good menu options. Not only has it seen significant growth over the years to now dozens of locations, but it has also improved in offering new and exciting menu options like the gluten-free or cauliflower additions.

Delivery has been made easier with Freshslice pizza too because you can also access those locations on third party delivery apps as well which makes it much easier to order.

This pizza chain has indicated that they seek to provide healthier and low calorie alternatives in the pizza arena and it’s exciting to see them turn to cauliflower crust and gluten-free, maybe they might come out with a keto pizza specifically in the future as other pizza businesses have already done.

At Freshslice pizza they are known for only using a multigrain dough for the pizza, and the gluten-free cauliflower is much different from the regular pizza that they offer.

Freshslice pizza makes it easy to get pizza on the go, pizza by the slice, and offers a different taste if you are looking for that cauliflower crust option and are sick of the store variety for that alternative in crusts. It is easier sometimes just to order and get the cauliflower pizza crust delivered and can taste better too, like it does in this circumstance.

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