Kelowna Fringe Festival Looking For Artists

There are a variety of festivals and different events which were cancelled last year because of the pandemic, but many now are looking like they will go ahead as planned this year. One of those events is the Kelowna Fringe Festival. The Kelowna Fringe Festival has previously been organized with help from the Arts Council of the Central Okanagan and is a theatre fest that has become an annual event now.

The Kelowna Fringe Festival is a performance opportunity for local artists, and right now they’re looking for artist submissions for the 2021 Kelowna Fringe Festival season.

Applications come in to the festival from all around different areas of Canada and elsewhere. Many artists want to take part in the Kelowna Fringe Festival, it has even received attention on an international level. There are some artists who have reportedly applied from as far away as South Africa to be a part of the event.

In the past the Kelowna Fringe Festival has been very liberal with the content that they allow, offering a broad stage for artists to perform for Canadians and others. In the past as well they’ve had 100 percent of those ticket revenues go toward the performers that took part in the event.

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Though it hasn’t been around for that long, the community in Kelowna and around B.C. and throughout Canada has already embraced the festival, and the artists.

Those artists who have taken part in the event in the past have performed in a variety of spots around the Kelowna region. We also get to see a lot more than just song and music, it isn’t just music included int he festival. With the Kelowna Fringe Fest there are various acts to see including dance and even comedy.

Despite COVID-19 changing plans last year, there is enough support for the Kelowna Fringe Festival that they are going ahead this year again. That is something that they said needs to happen, support from the community that is, in order for the event to continue and to succeed for many years to come yet.

Last year the event was cancelled along with many others when the pandemic hit, we were told that we would meet again at the Kelowna Fringe Festival in 2021.

They are hoping that 2021 is going to be the best Fringe Festival in Kelowna yet. This is a great artist-driven event that helps to bring artists and international attention to the Okanagan and to the Kelowna region.

There are artists coming to this event, to Kelowna, that might never have visited if it weren’t for the Fringe Festival. Because of the Kelowna Fringe Festival they get to experience what that are and B.C. have to offer.

They’ve previously used a lottery to help determine which artists might become winners to perform in the festival. There is no team that does curation, sifting through all of the applications, in order to find out who might be the one that gets to perform. Because of that lack of curation there is more freedom in what artists can perform at this festival.

With this style of determining artists you never really know what a trip to the Kelowna Fringe Festival might look like.

Photo by Nandhu Kumar on Pexels.com

When is Kelowna Fringe Fest?

The 2021 Kelowna Fringe Festival is expected to be planned for Sept 16th – Sept 19th 2021. Now the festival is being produced by the New Vintage Theatre Company in Kelowna as well.

For the 2021 Fringe Fest we can expect at least 12 different indoor shows that will be put on in September as a part of the festival. There is still time for artists to apply as well, those interested have until April 5th to apply their name for consideration.

This might be a chance to be selected in the lottery for an artist spot to perform in the festival, this could mean local, national, and international attention, for those artists who perform and get selected.

There is Still Time to Submit Applications for Fringe Fest 2021

Right now there is still time to apply for any artists that might be interested in taking part in the Kelowna Fringe Festival 2021. All you need to do is fill out the application, pay the fee, and wait to see if you are selected.

Kelowna Fringe Fest is a great event that can bring some entertainment and positivity back to the region. It can help support the local economy, and help artists that have been struggling through the pandemic as well. Without being able to perform as usual, artists have been one of those groups hardest hit by COVID-19 and this festival opportunity gives some to gain recognition who might never of had that chance if it weren’t for the lottery system. It is also a great chance for Canadians and others watching the event to potentially discover some new talents that might be a part of it as well.

There have been actors, dancers, comedians, artists, you never know what the Kelowna Fringe Festival might serve up and this year is expected to be as exciting as any other. This year could be the best year yet for the festival, especially if we see more of a chance in the BC reopening and ease of COVID-19 restrictions.

This is a platform for artists of different styles and types to show what they’ve got to Canadians and those paying attention from around the world as well. The Kelowna Fringe Festival has received international attention and is going to be an exciting fall event that is going to make a big comeback after being cancelled last year.

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