E-Scooter Pilot Project Starting Soon In 6 Cities Around B.C.

Will we see an e-scooter market in B.C. soon? It looks that way with the new pilot project coming to various B.C. cities, including the Vancouver area, West Vancouver, and North Vancouver.

E-Scooters have already made there way across communities in the United States and other regions. However the growth hasn’t come without a few problems along the way. Some areas have sought to ban e-scooters after allowing them to come, for people to be able to operate them.

Common complaints surrounding the e-scooter market have been the trash, with scooters left on sidewalks and random areas, and injuries that have involved e-scooters etc. But there are many people who still love using them and it’s another mobility option for students, tourists, and others who might want to get around town quickly and use an alternative travel method.

Now, e-scooters are going to be coming to the B.C. area with a new pilot study.

That study is going to involve at least 6 different cities in the B.C. region where we might soon start to see e-scooters being used. The scooters will be able to travel on bike paths and streets, as they look to research this market and assess the potential safety of this electronic transportation alternative.

Communities are able to allow for this transportation alternative because they’re working with the province on these pilot projects to investigate how e-scooters might perform in Vancouver.

6 Vancouver Cities Getting E-Scooters include Kelowna, West Vancouver, Vernon, Vancouver, and North Vancouver city and district.

The rules surrounding the e-scooters are allegedly expected to be similar to e-bikes and are not likely to require license and insurance, though there will be other rules to follow.

It is not clear when those pilot projects might get the full green light and start operation, with people riding e-scooters in the streets around places like Vancouver and Kelowna. They might start sometime this year and that means you might see e-scooters coming to your area, if you live in those regions, within a few months from now.

The electric scooter market is already a multi-million business and is expected to reach more than $590 million by 2025. The worldwide market for electric scooters is expected to continue growing, seeing a major development phase over the next few years.

This is a transportation solution that addresses the green issue for many and also gives solutions for those who are looking for any advanced two-wheel device options in the market.

During the pandemic though, demand for electric scooters significantly dropped.

With millions who were stuck at home and prevented from non-essential travel, and just worried about going out in general, they weren’t renting. This meant that demand for those electric scooters dried up almost overnight, dropping almost 100 percent in some cases.

The pandemic brought a lot of pain to electric scooter companies, which saw mass layoffs and they started losing a ton of money last year. They might be making a comeback though, and it is moves like this one in B.C. with this pilot project that could help. expand and grow the market for electric scooters.

Electric scooters still haven’t made their way into many areas and are not available for transportation alternatives to millions.

Early research on electric scooters has discovered that those who use electric scooters have found them to be faster and superior in convenience for a travel option. Not only that, but researchers also found that electric scooters are seen as a better option to travel with when dealing with hot weather, rather than walking to the destination.

Already, you can find electric scooters in dozens of cities around the U.S. and in other countries, but they aren’t that prevalent yet in Canada. Electric scooters have been growing in demand around British Columbia though, and there have been previous efforts to try and bring an e-scooter market to Vancouver.

Now might be the perfect time for that to happen if this new pilot study is successful in showcasing the benefits of an e-scooter program or electric scooter access for those in Vancouver and other B.C. regions.

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Learning From Past Mistakes in the Electric Scooter Market

Researchers say there is a learning curve when it comes to dealing with electric scooters, for both communities and municipalities. They suggest that we might be able to learn from those other areas that have already implemented electric scooters.

There needs to be a lot of education for people about where they can use them, where they can park the device or charge them etc. But the demand for electric scooters in B.C. is there.

One study on electric scooters found that they work best when safely and carefully integrated into whatever existing transportation systems are already there in the community.

When the electric scooters start to obstruct accessibility of roads and sidewalks then that is when problems start to arise and we see conflicts and push-back against the market and the option of having this transportation method. There is hope that it is possible to fully integrate a complimentary alternative transportation option into the market, with electric scooters, but it cannot be done quickly. Going this route demands a proactive approach to be able to ensure the market and overall e-scooter service is more successful.

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