Bouncing Back After COVID-19

COVID-19 took a toll on millions worldwide and fueled a lot of pessimism, uncertainty, anxiety, stress, and suffering. When this cloud of uncertainty rolled in, it started to prompt some to think that maybe things would never get better. But researchers want to remind us that we are more resilient than we might think.

A study from the University of British Columbia last year found that more than 60 percent of respondents experienced some adverse impact with regard to their mental and physical well-being, because of COVID-19. But according to one UBC psych professor, he thinks we might bounce back quicker than expected. Citing China as an example, they’re seeing pre-COVID-19 activity levels after dealing with the pandemic for so long.

People want to get back to the old ways of socializing

They want to go to live music events again, they want to go shopping, to get out and go to the beach without having to wear a mask. Around the world different experiments have taken place, with reopenings during the pandemic that have allowed for large social gatherings.

We have seen from one region to another that people have been quick to bounce back to their old ways, feeling comfortable to ease those pandemic restrictions in Texas and other regions.

But that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been a few that have wanted to still stick with masks or distancing, despite a reduction of COVID-19 restrictions, because they’re still worried about COVID-19 rates or variants. Some have even been threatened for trying to keep those various rules in place after reopenings have been announced.

Online Shopping and Zoom Calls Here To Stay

The bump in business for online grocery and retail shopping, as well as Zoom calls for business meetings and social interactions, that is all likely here to stay. But researchers suggest it won’t be because of fear of the pandemic but because of the convenience that those options provide.

Last year ordering groceries online is something that millions of people probably experienced for the first time. Concerns about social distancing and lines at the grocery store likely played a role in making that decision. However, now that those lines have reduced and one restriction or another gone or to eventually be eased, that doesn’t mean that all will return to grocery shopping as usual.

Many families and individuals might have found a newfound level of convenience that ordering online provided and that means they will stick with those habits even when things return more to normal.

Survey showing people in B.C. who don’t want to be vaccinated

Surveys have indicated that between 15 percent to 20 percent of people in B.C. and Canada who do not want to get vaccinated and they don’t plan on it. They might change their minds later on, but it’s expected that many are still going to refrain from getting a COVID-19 vaccination, even if those new travel health passports become more mainstream.

Throughout the pandemic we have seen one story or another where people have been found to be operating outside of the health guidelines. This has meant that thousands of people in Canada and elsewhere have received tickets for those actions, many of the tickets though are being disputed in court. Considering this, we can assume that it won’t take much for people to feel comfortable with returning to normal, especially when officials give that go-ahead and further ease restrictions for the BC reopening.

BC officials have already been discussing the prospect of a new normal by summer. They’ve suggested that things might be headed that way with an easing of restrictions in the coming months. However, news of COVID-19 variants in the region is also growing, it’s reported that these cases now account for at least 12 percent of new cases in the province.

BC reopening: A New Normal By Summer?

Photo by David McBee on Pexels.com

If things take a turn in the other direction then we might see that it takes a lot longer for that new normal to come about. Right now, we see that there are many businesses and individuals who are optimistic for the summer though. Things are feeling better than they did last year, more optimism, with a variety of projects and festivals making plans for things to be different this year than we saw last year.

There are still a variety of COVID-19 restrictions that are in place in B.C. though, with international travel still highly restricted for non-essential purposes. The border is also still closed for non-essential travel as well. BC authorities still want people to stay within their own region and within their own social circles, despite easing recent outdoor gathering rules.

It is expected that by Easter we might see another big announcement made in regards to indoor church gatherings and possibly the easing of other pandemic restrictions as well.

The camping season is heating up in BC and is expected to be another record breaking year this year. When the weather gets warmer it probably won’t take much to make people want to get out and enjoy their time. Vacation bookings are already climbing and surveys show that mental health is a big driver for people booking those vacations right now.

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