Authorities Warn About Increase In Puppy Scams

Photo by Jens Mahnke on Pexels.com

Just recently, police authorities in B.C. have issued a warning about a rise in puppy scams.

As millions were faced with lockdown last year because of the pandemic it meant some went looking for a pet. Along with that increase in demand for pets there have allegedly been an increase in puppy scams to go along with it. Just like we have also been seeing a rise in apartment scams or rental scams, ever since COVID-19 hit. And this one sounds similar to those.

Authorities say that in those scams that the seller will post an ad for a puppy online, just like they might post an ad for an apartment. Once you contact them with interest, they will ask for a down payment, with further instructions to come.

When buying a puppy, going to see an apartment, or getting any other good it’s not wise to send any money before meeting someone. This has happened before in online scams.

Not only have we seen a rise in rental scams during the pandemic, and now this warning about puppy scams, but we’ve also seen a variety of stories go viral about puppies being stolen from their owners.

From Lady Gaga’s dogs being stolen and then found, to other owners who have also had their pets taken after being attacked, it seems that dog thefts are on the rise in some regions.

From Vegas to California and other regions, numerous stories have surfaced about bulldog puppies being stolen from their owners.

Owners have been attacked, sometimes shot, while criminals have attempted to steal the dogs they might see on the street or in some other area. Why are they aiming for bulldog puppies it seems? Well, the average price of a bulldog sometimes being hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Authorities have cautioned people in the Great Vancouver region and around B.C. to be cautious about any exchanges they might look to do online.

Especially if they’re looking to buy a puppy right now. They’ve also encouraged adoption as an alternative, instead of trying to find a trustworthy breeder etc. It’s important to also do research on those breeders or where you intend to get the puppy from, this can help to potentially identify a scam.

Dogs for Adoption in BC

Just recently there were a record number of dogs that had been given to the SPCA, 119 dogs that were surrendered from their owners. The BC SPCA has been asking for donations to help with those dogs. It’s expected that they will eventually make their way to different shelters around the province. Already they have received an outpouring of support from the community. Anyone interested in helping with their medical expenses or funding care and shelter services for any other pets they serve are able to donate through the website.

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